Emma Watson on holiday in Italy, photo with Ryan Walsh in Venice

Star of the saga Harry Potter she was the paparazzi with her new supposed boyfriend in Laguna. The actress returned after breaking up with Brandon Green, with whom she has been a couple for about a year and a half.

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Emma Watson Summer it began with good news about the personal and sentimental life of an actress who came to enjoy the first sun in Italy in good company.
british saga star Harry Potter And him The beauty and the Beast she was spotted in Venice with American businessman Ryan Walsh. Footage of the two in the lagoon and in a relaxed pose has already made the rounds on the net.

On holiday in Venice with a new flame

Ever since photos of Emma Watson with Ryan Walsh surfaced online, searching for more details about personal and professional life of an entrepreneur from Walsh Consulting Group, a technology company based in Los Angeles. Details taken from the American woman’s Linkedin profile reveal little about the identity of the actress’s new lover, who, according to some sources who spoke with Sunfor some time he was a friend of Watson.
The source claims that the Hollywood star very fond of the boy who is “smart as she is” and relies on the fact that the two of them have a lot of fun together.
The impression of photographs stolen in Venice does not really disprove these claims, given that they looked in perfect harmony.
Vacation stages in Venice, the Grand Canal, a romantic gondola trip and local restaurants where they met friends.

English actress Emma Watson arrives for the first ever Caring Women Care Dinner at the Park Avenue Pool in New York City on September 15, 2022.  The event is a fundraiser for organizations dedicated to ending gender-based violence.  (Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP) (Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)


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Emma Watson’s personal life

A visit with Ryan Walsh comes to Watson after a season characterized by breakup with brandon green with whom she was in a relationship for about a year and a half. The story of the son of millionaire Sir Philip Green, which, according to the media, should have been interrupted at Christmas, but the news did not spread until the spring, when the English actress was seen in Las Vegas at Taylor Swift’s. concert with the former Brendan Wallace. Wallace, a New York-raised businessman, is one of the actress’s American associates, who has admitted to preferring Americans over his countrymen for their more open and outspoken nature. Among the former fans of the thirty-three-year-old guy are rugby player Tom Ducker, as well as actor Cord Westtree, who played a role in exultation.


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