“Emotional shock, immediately another role”

they passed 46 years since his death the inimitable “King of Rock and Roll”, but the memory of “Elvis Taz” does not find peace. It was August 16, 1977 when the then 42-year-old Elvis Presley he died on his estate in Memphis, and from that day on his legend lives on like never before. The actor knows this well. Austin Butler who, after his memorable role in the Elvis musical biopic that earned him a Golden Globe this year and eight Oscar nominations in 2023, has remained “in a trap‘ like his character.

Talk like Elvis, think like Elvis, live like Elvis. There are those in Hollywood who talk about “emotional shockwhat is certain is that he even came to his aid Tom Hanks, an exceptional Red Cross nurse. “You got so deep into Elvis that, for your mental health, it would be wise to immediately move on to something else. You can get an emotional whiplash if you jump off a train,” former Forrest Gump allegedly told him before offering him a role in the new series.Air Masters‘. But that’s not all: here’s what’s new under the sky Gracelandthe legendary estate where the greatest frontman of all time passed away on August 16, 46 years ago.

In the archive of the Elvis season, Austin Butler has difficulty reincarnating in other roles. There are rumors in Hollywood that the 31-year-old actor can’t get out of the role, he was so immersed in the role. Stanislavsky would be proud of him, in life, perhaps, it is more difficult. Austin getting ready for’Dunes: Part 2Denis Villeneuve andAir Masters‘, a World War II miniseries created by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. And it was Hanks who thought about starring Butler because he was worried about his mental health.

Austin been preparing for three long years to the interpretation of Elvis and did it down to the smallest detail. He learned Elvis’ southern accent, ate gallons of melted Häagen-Dazs ice cream to gain weight, and even caught a virus that landed him in the hospital as soon as the store closed. “The next day (after shooting) I woke up at four in the morning with excruciating pain and was taken to the hospital,” Butler said. “My body started shutting down the day after I finished Elvis.”

Butler said that Elvis made him “go to the limitand not all experiences will be like this.” He added: “I don’t think I’ll ever go through something like this again, but if I have to really dig it makes me feel alive.”

Scandalous widow waiting on the red carpet in Venice Priscilla Presley. The 78-year-old won’t let go, and some say she’s doing it for the money. After losing a case with his niece Riley Keough, Tennessee’s most famous grandmother gave her memoirs to Sophia Cappole, who made a film based on them. It will be presented at the Venice Film Festival.Priscilla‘, a film dedicated to the complex love story between Elvis and Priscilla Ann Wagner Beaulieu, born by accident and crowned with a six-year marriage.

Shot by ex-husband’s cousin Lisa Marie Elvis’ only daughter disappeared January 12 this year, in 2022, she married Nicolas Cage, the uncle of director Sofia Coppola – the film lit a hornet’s nest. That’s why. “Seems, college home moviesthe scenery is just awful,” commented Graceland, the legendary Elvis estate that still brings in ten million dollars a year. Only referred to as “garbage” Elvis Presley Charitable Foundationthe film has been accused of being just a ploy to earn the widow Presley several million dollars, now that her niece has been declared the sole heir to the king’s fortune.

Riley Keough, 34-year-old niece of Elvis, has become the new owner of the Graceland estate in Tennessee and administrator of the estate of the late mother of Lisa Marie Keough, the only daughter of the great artist. And he inherited by winning one legal battle against grandmother Priscilla Presley. The conflicts began after the sudden death of Lisa Marie at the age of 54 on January 12th. Priscilla filed a petition challenging validity of a will daughter, who removed her as co-guardian in 2016, replacing her sons Riley and Benjamin, who also died prematurely. According to Grandma Priscilla, the signature on the inheritance documents was illegible, but that was not enough for her to win the case.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lynn Healy named the 34-year-old owner of the Graceland estate, while Priscilla only received permission to be buried there, next to her husband, Lisa Marie and nephew Benjamin.

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