End of the year flu hits

Respiratory viral infections are usually common in the last few weeks of December and the first few weeks of January, and this year is no exception. Instead, we are repaying the “immunity debt” incurred during the pandemic from viruses other than Covid-19, when we had few such cases in previous years. One of them is influenza, specifically influenza A. We have been treating patients in factories for weeks, and despite all precautions, health workers are often the first to become infected. Therefore, I did not ride a bicycle to welcome the new year and reunite with my family as usual. I’m always at home, lying in bed with paracetamol.

The flu is a painful disease that, thankfully, is attenuated by vaccination, leaving a person without energy or energy. The situation can be complicated for the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions; in fact, this is the profile of admitted patients. But even in healthy and strong people, it can keep you bedridden for days.

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Modify plan

There is currently no effective treatment (the commonly used antiviral drug oseltamivir has very limited effectiveness and was sold out in pharmacies and hospitals days ago), so symptoms and complications can only be treated. Rest, fluids, paracetamol, other fever reducers or analgesics if necessary…and accept the limitations of your illness, Revise plans and commit to reflection, reading, phone calls. In the first few days of illness, there is little we can do.

Maybe we can think about what this year has brought us, whether as individuals, families or society. I’m afraid there’s nothing good in this. We can pray for help to face the new year, Have faith and hope in God and trust that we will not lose heart Nor will we lose our footing as people and as a society. I often whisper Psalm 15: “My fortune is in your hands.” “I always keep the Lord in my heart, and with Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” In a world like the one we live in, This is a good prayer to pray during these tribulation times that seem to be approaching. This is especially true during flu time.

Pray for the sick and those who care for themfor our Spain and our world.

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