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Colombian pop star Shakira is angry at the guilt of the young girlfriend Clara Chia ex-partner Gerard Pique.

Shakira he is furious. No, the Colombian pop star isn’t mad at the websites and magazines that keep gossiping about her alleged love story with the seven-time Formula One world champion. Lewis Hamilton.

Shakira furious with ex Pique’s girlfriend (Ansa)-calciomercatoweb.it

The couple were recently spotted by the paparazzi together at a famous London nightclub, however there is no evidence that there is any tenderness between them. So what, if not gossip, has sent the Colombian pop star into a frenzy? Well, again, the new girlfriend of the now ex-husband has nothing to do with it. Gerard Piquéformer pillar of Barcelona and the Spanish national team.

Translator’Waka Waka‘, official anthem World Cup in South Africa 2010 (ironically won by Spain) just didn’t go crazy that a former partner left her for an irrepressible and sensual twenty-year-old, Clara Chia. Therefore, between the “old” (without reference to her 46 years) and the new hobby of the former defender of the blue garnet, there is (to put it mildly) hostility.

Enraged Shakira: Clara Chia’s friends call her a “witch” in public

First them stored in verses and notesthat is, through his hit ‘BZRP Music Sessions #53 in which he accuses his former partner of cheating It’s Ferrari with Twingo, Rolex with Casio‘, and then, as shown by the Spanish media, the name, dad’s employee‘ is what the children of the former show business golden couple usually call their father’s young girlfriend.

Well, after the defense, Clara Chia goes on the counterattack, answering the same Colombian pop star. No, not the singing performance of the new lover of the former rearguard column of the blue garnets. His revenge is far less egregious, but still hits the mark. In fact, according to La Razòn, the Colombian pop star would be furious to discover that Clara Chia’s group of friends he addresses her publicly How “witch” or “old woman in menopause”.

Clara Chia’s friends call Shakira a “witch” (Instagram)-calciomercatoweb.it

lonely i face enough for Shakira to encourage her to inform her ex that she is unwilling to tolerate such disrespect and that unless her current girlfriend’s friends stop addressing her in public with the aforementioned inappropriate nicknames, will be forced to take action against them.

In a word, like any self-respecting big VIP love story, even between the former defender Barcelona and about the “Red Furies” and the Colombian pop star in danger of being on official papers.

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