Euphoria: Sidney Sweeney on Cassie’s ‘You Haven’t Seen Anything’ Future | TV

Sydney Sweeney is one of the most prominent actresses of recent years, thanks in part to her role as Cassie in Euphoria.

The actress gave a long interview to Variety, in which she also talked about Cassie and her relationship with showrunner Sam Levinson:

I always tell him to give me more. I’ll show him what I can do. There is so much about this girl. Chaos thrives on this set because it’s where the most incredible works of art are created. Maude Apatow and I, every time Sam says, “That doesn’t feel right,” we say, “No, we’ll show you how sisters fight.” And we just work on the scenes, that’s where the magic comes from.

You have me, you have Z, you have all these very strong independent women. If we didn’t like something or saw something we didn’t like, we all talked about it. It is hard to imagine that someone is completely destroyed by the public and the media, when in fact there is no one to think so. We are there and it is clear that we are still working on the show and supporting each other. The point is to make people feel uncomfortable and think outside the box. You haven’t seen anything yet. What is the purpose of art? As for me, I feel so free and confident now. And I found out thanks to Cassie.

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