‘Even the dogs love being on the court’ – Serena Williams’ childhood coach looks back on ‘King Richard’ class, Compton Times

famous tennis coach Rick March Looking back on one of the most outstanding qualities of the Champion Sisters, Venus and serena williams Father has. When talking about the importance of creating a healthy “work environment,” Macci highlighted the following important roles: Richard Williams played to their extraordinary success.

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An initially rocky relationship between King Richard and Madge grows stronger as the GOAT brother duo prepares to rule the tennis world. Let’s see what the seven-time U.S. PTTA National Team coach has to say about Richards’ role as the greatest father to his talented daughters.

Richard Williams promises he won’t let Rick March shoot


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Rick Macci played a vital role in shaping Serena Williams and Venus Williams into the tennis icons they are today. A remarkable story is shared about King Richard. March took to Twitter to elaborate on Richard’s multi-faceted approach to raising his daughter. March revealed Richard’s unique training qualities in his tweet, saying: Richard Williams’ best quality was that he never let the girls practice. We have created such a fun, positive, hard-working environment that Venus Serena and even the dogs love to smile on the court and hopefully one day walk the extra mile. “

Recalling how Richard’s quip hit home, March said he was invited to Compton to meet the Williams sisters. However, March was concerned about the city’s reputation and expressed this concern to Richard. Richard said jokingly, Hey, Rick, I promise I won’t let you get shot. “

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March also revealed earlier that Richard Williams recognized the importance of providing his daughters with a well-rounded education and pursuing championships.

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This isn’t the first time a coach has praised and noted Richard Williams’ efforts or training skills to highlight his greatness as a tennis father and coach. However, did you know that Richard even taught his daughters to play soccer?

Richard Williams teaches Venus and Serena football

During an episode of the Renee Stubbs Tennis Podcast, she praised Richard Williams for teaching soccer to his daughters in addition to tennis. She believes their soccer training had a crucial impact on Venus and Serena’s serving motion.


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During the podcast, Stubbs revealed the importance of serving and pointed to Richard Williams as a prime example of effective parenting among tennis coaches, despite his lack of formal training in the sport. she says, “Does Richard know anything about tennis? No.” She continued, “He taught her to play soccer. “If you can’t throw a soccer ball, you probably won’t serve well. “

Stubbs suggested that mastering the mechanics of throwing a football helps develop proper service mechanics. she says, “If you have a really good serve, I bet you know how to throw a football.”


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As many tennis coaches have pointed out time and time again, Richard Williams’ unique technique actually makes him the most successful tennis parent on the planet. What are your thoughts on this?

‘He was more about life lessons’: Rick March details Venus and Serena Williams’ untold ‘King Richard’ story

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