Every year 525,000 children under the age of 5 die from diarrheal diseases.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every year 525,000 children under five die from diarrheal disease.For its part, the 2022 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey records that 9.5% of the population under the age of 5 suffers from a disease acute diarrheal disease.

Given the global morbidity and mortality from the disease, governments and organizations have implemented prevention strategy Diarrheal disease.Mexico has had a permanent campaign since 2007 rotavirus vaccination, This is with acute gastroenteritis.

The World Health Organization explains that a large proportion of diarrheal diseases can be prevented by: get drinking water and Adequate sanitation and personal hygiene measures. The aim is to provide opportunities and knowledge about such measures to rural and hard-to-reach communities, Sanofi cooperate with save the children and Guadalajara Pharmacy created the event “Restore Life, Fight Diarrhea”. NotiPress participated in the demo event for the second phase of the campaign, now in its fifth year.

Previously, the initiative was only Save the Children and Sanofi”, Matías Caride, general manager of Sanofi’s free-selling pharmaceuticals division, explained to NotiPress. However, as of 2023, Guadalajara Pharmacy The purpose of the integration is to raise more money Creation and development of workshops focused on technical and hygiene measures.

‘Back to Life’ raises funds in first year 300,000 pesos; Julieta Mora, Marketing Director of Farmacias Guadalajara, commented that by 2023 they expect 4.3 million pesos raised Thanks for the Buy and Help initiative.this includes Enterogermina per sale Farmacias Guadalajara for sale, Sanofi to donate five pesos to Save the Children.

Laura Adriana Nava, Director of the Corporate Alliance of Save the Children Mexico, said the support program has Benefiting more than 394,000 people in more than six states of the country.Phase 2 will feature ‘Back to Life’ events and workshops Communities in Yucatan, Campeche and Chiapas. Nava explained that the workshops are a complementary training process to the basic education learning program and as such, teachers and parents are involved in these activities.

In addition to face-to-face events, Distance Learning Center, which provides them Provides resources and materials for teachers and parents. The goal is to replicate this knowledge and be able to participate in the program, and maintain These health seminars are current and active and prevention diarrheal disease.

Khalid Comments, “Self-Care Is Not the Same as Self-Medication,” Emphasizes Proper Technique Handwashing, Food Sanitization and Hygiene Activities Generally, they are precautionary measures. He pointed out that a large proportion of people do not have access to or are not given the necessary relevance, because these are critical, especially in terms of diarrheal diseases.

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