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Liam he is blond and has blue eyes like Birkin 20 from Hermès, which James gave him in August. Born under the sign of Cancer, he is sensitive and emotional. JamesVirgo, and therefore rational and precise, wears jet-black hair, like James Dean, in a cut with a retro touch. Both never leave home without a very smart tailored suit to match each other’s, dark-lensed sunglasses and of course the aforementioned most famous bag in the world. We are talking about Birkin’s Boyfriendsfull name of the couple who created the account @ANGELLLBOYS.

Originally from Manchester but constantly traveling to European capitals, they met at the Ritz Hotel in London when James spotted Liam reading in the bar and asked the waiter to bring him a Martini Belvedere with three olives. Nearly 10 years after they first met, when they didn’t even have an Instagram profile to give to the people who stopped them on the street and complimented their appearance, they continue to skyrocket through the algorithm. TIK Tak between style lessons and trips to the best luxury boutiques, Britney Spears tunes and everyday scenes.

TikTok trends, all about Birkin Boyfriends

Interview given by Leila Khalabyan for the series Nylon 19 From Nylon magazineI Birkin’s Boyfriends they said they loved “old Hollywood movies and the way kids dressed,” that they believed in ghosts, that they cure hangovers with Smurf-flavored ice cream, and that their refrigerator had been broken for a year. The bar orders an Americano every day with “very hot oat milk.” The secret of their beauty is that they sleep upside down for an hour and a half a day, and their ideal concert would feature Mariah Carey, Animal of the band Muppets and Lisa Simpson. In the meantime, they continue to be themselves, just Liam and James, as if more than 130 thousand people are not following them. TIK Tak.

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