The Inter Miami player who’s more millionaire than Lionel Messi

s arrival Lionel Messi arrive international miami This made the Argentine people start to look at their teammates.especially in Leonardo CampanaEcuador forward with Close relationship with Rosario star.In this context, people know his huge wealth and his connection to power.

Leonardo will be richer than Messi Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets.from One of the most powerful families in the world dedicated to Real estate and agribusiness; they will More than 110 companies they will have Wealth of over a billion dollars.

Richer than Messi: Who is Inter Miami's Billionaire player?

It is important to emphasize that Campana’s family involved in more than one scandal after experiencing Under investigation for tax evasion and irregularities at checkout. Although the footballer enjoys a lavish lifestyle, on social media he only reminisces about his family time without showing off too much.

Who is Leonardo Campana’s girlfriend Ariana Altuve?

Leonardo has faced skepticism in his home country over his family’s involvement in controversy, He is in a relationship with Ariana Altuve. The young woman studied management and marketing and attended Bryant University in the United States.

She has roots in the fashion industry, having completed a fashion business course at Parsons School of Design in New York.

Richer than Messi: Who is Inter Miami's Billionaire player?

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