Everything is on fire at Manchester United: It’s the battle in the dressing room

Manchester United Increasing internal problems. The standard of Old Trafford has been very questionable in recent games and the squad seems more broken than ever within the squad. Everything came to a head after the defeat to Brighton.

News from the British media showed that many players in the team had problems.The eleventh director Eric ten Hager The whole person was shaken, and everything in the locker room exploded.

after autumn 3-1 vs Seagulls, several players started fighting. The issue began with an argument over the latest results and ended with several beatings between those involved. England’s Argentine is also involved.

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According to the “Sun” report, Manchester United players were grumpy after the last game.over there “Bruno Fernandes and Scott McTominay After the meeting, they had a heated argument.

besides,Lisandro Martinez and Victor Lindelof “They even fought”.It is said One of the fiercest fights took place in Bruno Fernandes and Harry Maguire. The two had a violent conflict over the captain’s ribbon.

The scandal caused trouble for the coach. Ten Witches have called for internal sanctions and will introduce some changes to restore discipline at the club.

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Currently, the England team is preparing for its debut. Champions League.Team GB will face Bayern Munich On the first day of the group stage.

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