Marina d’Or expected to close and cancel reservations: what claims can affected customers make

Marina d’Or resort city, but not until September 17, at least until 2023.The tourist complex in Oropesa del Mar (Castellón) has been advanced Its sudden closure came as a surprise to all customers who had booked from that date.

We have communicated this information to their customers via phone or email and they have understood how the end of season preview will be moved from December to September. Farallon Capital Management, the company that manages Marina d’Or, has not yet explained the reasons for the decision, but everything suggests that behind it was the sale of the American fund to Fuertes Group less than a month ago.

Reservations cannot be made on the so-called “resort city” website, which states “We are preparing for you. See you next season. ” and indicate that they will refund the booking amount.

Oropesa Mayor Araceli de Moya said in a statement on Castellon Radio that “the closure should not be surprising. It is a strategy of the company, it is not Not surprising. Oropesa is a tourist city and we have not yet managed to out-season and thrive in the summer.”

OCU and Facua suggest claims

Consumer and user organization advice Compensation for all costs and losses caused to users due to the sudden closure of the Marina d’Or tourist complex, Cancellations and refunds will be communicated via phone or email.

The consumer group said in a statement that the complex has announced its early closure for the season and will refund booking amounts to those who have signed up to stay. It is also recommended to retain all types of proof of bookings and payments related to planned holidays at the hotel in order to justify the claim.

OCU reminds users that if they are not compensated for their costs and losses, they can use the resources available to consumers.

Facua-Consumers in Action issued a press release telling everyone Affected customers can claim compensation. Specifically, they can ask for money to buy, for example, transportation to a tourist complex they might hire or tickets to shows in the area.

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On the other hand, the association stresses that they can also claim possible moral damages suffered due to the loss of their holiday destination.

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