Evil Geniuses are 2023 world champions

In the heart of Los Angeles, a crowd of 11,500 fans gathered live at the KIA Forum along with over 1.3 million online viewers to witness the epic battle during the VALORANT Champions Finals. North American Evil Geniuses faced Asia Pacific’s Paper Rex in a tight match that culminated in a 3–1 victory for EG.

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The atmosphere at the KIA Forum was electrifying, with choirs of fans from all over the world filling the air. Evil Geniuses were taken by a wave of support from North American fans with the chant of “USA! USA!” this accompanied every stage of the match, creating not only an incredible atmosphere, but also adding additional emotional pressure on the team itself.

How to write history

Winning the VALORANT Champions 2023 tournament was a historic moment. Not only because it’s the first Riot Games tactical shooter competition to be held in the New Continent, but also because it’s the first competition won by a North American team. The victory of Evil Geniuses took on a special meaning thanks to Christina “Potter” Chi, the team’s coach. So far, Potter has been the only woman to have coached one of the 30 teams on the VALORANT Champions Tour and the only one to win a major esports tournament. Her ability to lead EG to victory demonstrated that women can play an important role in a traditionally male-dominated esports environment.

New level for North America

The victory of Evil Geniuses was also an incredible leap forward for the team itself, which started the year from a critical position, and then proved its worth with determination and determination. Potter’s leadership was instrumental in turning Evil Geniuses from one of the “worst teams in the world” to VALORANT World Champions by showing the evolution of the competitive scene in the NA region over the course of the season. the transformation was rookie player Demon1: his outstanding performances allowed him to earn the title of the best player of the tournament. But he wasn’t the only one on the pitch: players like C0M, Ethan, Giagemo and Bustio proved their worth time and time again by contributing. to this triumphant victory.

Batman and Elon Musk

The event brought together influencers, professional gamers and even unexpected celebrities like Elon Musk and Ben Affleck. Their participation in the event shed even more light on the growing influence of esports and its ability to capture the attention of high-profile figures from all sectors.

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