Ex-husband Sam Asgari accused of spying

Britney Spears: ex-husband Sam Asgari accused of spying

Another accusation against the ex-husband of Britney Spears Sam Asgari. This time it seems that the conspiracy against the singer is much wider than you think.

Rumors about the dissolution of the marriage of the former pop queen do not end Britney Spears and her third husband, Sam Asgari. As always, the plot is very confusing and it is difficult to understand which side to take. Of course, Brit’s friends immediately supported and removed the sequel. Instagram personal trainer. Among them, in the first place Madonna and Paris Hiltonbut also Selena Gomez, Lindsay Lohan, Kesha and Drew Barrymore name the most famous. According to various newspaper reports, Sam’s divorce filing with Los Angeles Superior Court cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason.

In fact, the differences appear to be due to the supposed betrayal Britney with an employee, among whom he would also be video to confirm the relationship. Completing this picture of Asgari’s accusations of being repeatedly beaten, even at night, the singer One more time baby. It’s a pity that after hearing these statements, a former client of Sam and the gym where he worked stated: Ashley Frank who dot all the i’s. Ashley claims that at first I just want fame of these relationships, it was him, the first to cheat on clients and flirt (even unsolicited) was him, the first to ridicule Britney with the complicity of other personal trainers was him. In a word, a real gentleman!

Britney Spears: Sam Asgari’s controversial role in the life of a pop star?

However, the revelations about Sam’s past did not end there, and daily mail confirmed that he spoke with a source very close to the Spears family, and said the following. It seems that Britney is convinced of the dishonesty of her ex-husband. indicator his father Jamie, who is currently in hospital for an infection caused by a knee replacement. Sam has provided the singer for many years. information it will help her keep legal protection in exchange for money and the opportunity to visit her and her home. Many have watched as during the guardianship of her father, Britney voluntarily retired from all her friends and could not come to anyone while Sam was the only one next to her.

Britney has reason to believe that Sam worked with his father Jamie from the very beginning of their relationship. she has collected information and is convinced of it. It is Britney’s understanding that Sam supposedly provided Jamie with information that helped him keep her. locked up for years. In return, Sam got access to Britney, her mansion and her money. Britney now believes that Sam has always been a liar, even in marriage.

It’s also true that by the end of 2020, Sam has also spoken out against Jaime’s handling of Britney’s life. Was it a façade designed to ward off doubt, or maybe he had a moment of conscience?

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