Exilia – Heroes And Dust Metal Hammer Italy

01/09/2023, Gianfranco Monese.

Exilia - Heroes and Dust

The Milanese Exilia is back and doing so overwhelmingly; yes, because this new work, like the seventh work, testifies to a quartet that has certainly not stuck in the genre for many years, but has modernized its offer without betraying its roots. In fact, what we hear today is undoubtedly alternative metal spiced up with references to what was defined as nu metal twenty years ago, but this time the direction taken more than in the past seems to be directed to today. modern metal. and the benefit, like that of the group, is the fruit of the product itself, which flows nicely without aging, heating up, or re-suggesting.
Co-produced with Jörg Umbright at the German Principal Studios, starting with the opening song “Feel The Fire”, no one looks in the face: frontwoman Mismane’s grainy, mesmerizing and eclectic performance, capable of punching right in the face, adapting to high and angry at the first two songs, as well as channeling a more rhythmic spirit, holding back possible outbursts, of the third “Supernova”. The rest of the band support it properly and clearly, between flashes of metalcore (“Undo The Undo”) and hints of industrial (“Sky Is Falling Down”); The El Wolve guitar, the sonic carpet upon which Exilia’s sound rests, often reminiscent of Korn’s duet of “Munky” and “Head”, is compact, solos (when present) are never intrusive and tend to make their mark, albeit in fleeting appearances, while while the rhythm section is cohesive, as seen on the first single “I Am God”.
The third single “Hypnotized”, perhaps the song closest to the aforementioned Bakersfield quintet, plays between electronic melancholy (verses) and electric fury (choruses), confirming, among other things, the subsequent “Shapeshifter”, a factor that has not yet been. reported, i.e. that keyboards and synthesizers are now fundamental to completing the Milanese sound, despite the fact that they have never claimed that their role is only marginal and insignificant. The following ‘In My Shadows’ and ‘Blinding Lights’ aim to stay in the lead after just one listen thanks to the catchy chorus and references to the more evil Lacuna Coil in the first part, as well as a personal interpretation of The Weeknd’s famous song (remember the soundtrack to the recent commercial of the famous German automaker?) in the second.
And therefore, as already written, the “expenditure” of “Heroes And Dust” is so pleasant that you do not even notice that you have reached the last two songs of the tracklist, according to the author, the only drawback that does not reach an eight to one rating, still an excellent disc , with the second single from “Not The End Of The World”, which, while jostling between anger and introspection, despite its musicality certainly fitting for any radio passage, personally falls short of those that preceded it. The final “Hero” moves in the same way, in a predictable rhythm and with the handbrake on. However, these final two pieces are needed to add variety to an album that, if it had been moving along frequently moving tracks throughout its existence, would have ended up (arguably) boring and repetitive as a result despite its pronounced quality.

Compact, solid and compelling, “Heroes And Dust” does not captivate, personally claiming the title of the best releases of this 2023 and once again confirming the fact that many times it would be enough to look into our borders to find really worthy material.


01. Feel the fire
02. In the afterglow
03. Supernova
04. Undo undone
05. The sky is falling down
06. I am God
07. Hypnotized
08. Werewolf
09. In my shadow
10. Blinding light
11. Not the end of the world
12. Heroes


Masha Mysmane: vocals
El Woolv: guitars
Luca “Tambu” Frangione: bass
Marco “Mark” Campaya: drums

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