“Expend4bles”: Stallone creates action figures, Jason Statham provides action, Megan Fox spins mechanics… in vain

Reviving the franchise for action movie nostalgia Eighties, Consumables This is a new concept and has been interpreted for several years, with Bruce Willis, Schwarzy, Mickey Rourke, JCVD, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford or Wesley Snipes paying just a few cents for a facelift from the previous three episodes. The pre-Marvel film debuted at the box office (this episode opened at the top of the box office).

Stallone, a Reagan-era icon, found a new soufflé under Trump

Meme Sylvester Stallone, tete d’affiche de la gang of mercenaries, in the spirit of regret. Papi Sly tells me that he remembers not making action figures in this episode after cussing out six more.

Rest Jason Statham (56 points when I was a meme), Bruce Willis 2000 anniversary, flank the untold Dolph Lundgren and Randy Couture. Please note this is Tony Jaa (le Jet Li thaï) and 50 Cent, micro range. Andy Garcia is the patron saint of barbs.

“The Expendables 3”: Gare aux Dentier!

Testosterone and estrogens

Pour some chaland to boost your testosterone levels, double dose of strogen: Megan Fox and Levi Tran bring the boy band together. The first role of mechanics, the second merit Consumables au feminin à elle seule: elle allie charme et dynamisme. Ces cool chicks they are forcibly younger people. La Fox a vingt printemps de moins que le Statham, qui joue son daddy

Le scénario un enjeu post-Oppenheimer : faut empêcher three world wars. Here I offer this video to show the mise-en-scène and special effects that counteract poverty.

Comment: Sylvester Stallone in Hollywood muscles

Completing the mission is almost a priority. Doubts remain about the purpose of the poster texts. Summary of the series, edition à la hauteur du titre programmatique aurait été une digne sortie de scène: on aurait bien achevé les Heroes. Hey, producers are more greedy than mercenaries.

Expend4bles De Scott Waugh. Screenplay: Kurt Wimmer, Max D. Adams, Ted Daggerhart, Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Andy Garcia, Megan Fox, Levi Tran,… 1 hour 44 minutes

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