Experts ask to prepare for human infection

In a recently released report life science, Experts reveal tragic information that almost 96% of southern elephant seal pups born in Argentina in 2023 died from highly contagious avian influenza virus.strain H5N1which is already In existence since 1996have transformed from domestic birds to wild birds, Even extending to Antarctica.

According to experts, The mortality rate was shockingly high, with more than 17,000 southern elephant seal pups found dead on various beaches..Experts pointed out This figure contrasts with the 18,000 calves born and successfully weaned in 2022.Chris Walzer, Health Director Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)describing the scene as “apocalyptic“.

focus point Intensified as H5N1 virus strains now have the potential to spread among mammals.Although the virus mainly affects birdsA polar bear was recently confirmed to have died from bird flu, suggesting that mammals including seals, grizzly bears, dolphins, otters, minks and foxes are also at risk.

broadcast Transmission from mammal to mammal has not been confirmed, but elephant seal calves generally do not come into contact with bird body fluids when drinking breast milk. Although avian influenza affects humans only in rare cases, To date, the H5N1 strain has a mortality rate of 56% in humans.

Experts warn Need to prepare for the possible spread of the virus to the populationwhile the World Health Organization urges people to avoid contact with sick or dead animals and to report all cases to animal health authorities. Vaccination is considered a key measure to stop the spread and prevent catastrophic consequences For wildlife and human health.

In Walzer’s words, “The cost of inaction has caused huge damage to wildlife”, underscoring the urgency of taking action before it’s too late.

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