Eyebrow Tips: The Key to Looking 10 Years Younger

Eyebrows play a vital role in our appearance.this eyebrow shape Highlighting and enhancing features that make the look lively and open is key. But we must also consider other important factors.famous Masked eyelids Over time, this number tends to decrease. Understanding what causes it can help us treat it, thereby improving our perspective.

may be Droopy eyelids This is an innate personal trait problem that gets worse over time. Most commonly, however, as we age, the fine tissue of our eyelids begins to fall out.The good news is, no matter what your situation, the experts have a solution and most importantly You don’t have to go through the operating room!

Experts say we must distinguish whether ptosis (the scientific name for drooping eyelids) is congenital or acquired, such as loss of firmness due to age.. “In the first case, you will feel that feeling from the beginning Eyelids fall, Over time, we can work to prevent things from getting worse. In the second case, it will be easier to train it, since we only have to train the muscle to raise the gaze again. “. Medik8 Technical Director Elisabeth San Gregorio explains this.

Eyebrow Shaping Tips

The purpose of eyebrow techniques is to Exercise your eyelids, let it work, and like any other muscle, it gets strong and doesn’t fall over.For this we must Get a massage Use your index and middle fingers on both hands.

“We’ll play a game with our fingers, letting them grab the brow area like tweezers and then lift it up. We’ll use these gestures to go over the brow, from between the brows to the temples, moving up. We have to work it out firmly so that the muscles Build gradually. You should always use cosmetics that enhance firmness and collagen and elastin synthesis.”. explains Omorovicza technical director Estefanía Nieto.

in this order

  • Use an eye contour suitable for the upper eye area
  • The index and middle fingers should be used when massaging.
  • We will use our fingers as clamps to hold the eyebrows. We will hold the index and try to improve it.
  • We will perform a tour to lift the tissue from between the eyebrows to the temples.
  • It is recommended to repeat this action for one minute per eyebrow every day.

Eye contour that enhances vision

There is an eye contour that is not only suitable for this problem, but is designed specifically for it.its about Perricone MD Eyelid Lifting Serum. Combined with acyl glutathione, vitamin F and DMAE, Celebrity assets that can be enhanced without surgerya, the contour is created by creating a Real fox eye effect. You should apply approximately three drops to each eye and perform the lifting technique for one minute on each eye. On the one hand, it provides an instant lift, but with consistent use, it acts like a personal trainer for your eyelids, giving you a long-term lift over time.

Essential Fx Acyl Glutathione Eyelid Lifting Serum is an ultra-light serum with a fast-absorbing texture that firms eyelids and brow bones.Its function is Eyelid creases visibly smoothedwrinkles and uneven texture as it visibly enhances the appearance Droopy eyelids. This revolutionary formula contains a blend of Vitamin F to replenish skin’s natural moisture barrier, creating a more even surface for smooth, prepped eyes. Perricone MD Eyelid Lifting Serum by Perricone MDavailable for €105 on Perriconemd.es

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