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We all like to feel cared for and owned Affordable, sustainable and high-quality healthcare, For us and our loved ones.Although Medical care has made extraordinary progress over the past centuryToday’s society, with a growing and aging population, faces new challenges every day, from the rapid spread of new threats to the resurgence of diseases we thought they had eradicated. Drug innovation is moving full steam ahead, but these new solutions are not always suitable for everyone.

At this stage, Off-patent drugs and biosimilarswith his Wide availability and affordable price, providing an excellent opportunity to meet patient needs.In a world that needs quality healthcare more than ever, it’s there Sanders Mark the differences.

This pharmaceutical company is world leader in the field of generics and biosimilars and seeks to promote Industry innovation Health Free up resources in a sustainable and responsible way.

Have a leading product portfolio More than 1,500 medications Sandoz covers most major treatment areas, from the common cold to cancer, helping patients around the world get the medicine they need, when and where they need it.

Use the right medicine at the right time

Did you know that generic treatments account for 80% of medicines used worldwide? These data demonstrate that achieving quality health is critical for all of us.

Promote access to essential antibioticsthe backbone of modern medicine, and Democratizing biotherapeutics These are the two basic missions of Sandoz, More than 500 million patients per year in more than 100 countriesSaving healthcare systems significant amounts of money and creating a positive social impact, estimated to save more than $180 billion annually globally.

This company always thinks about its patients and understands their real needs Horizontal cooperation with health institutionsbetting on information attention and continuous training of professionals.

A good example of this is the Salud Más Fácil project, an initiative created with Plena Inclusion Madrid that promotes the understanding of medication leaflets for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, through easy-to-read supporting documents, which already has more than 70 an active ingredient.

Accessible without compromising on quality

Sandoz files to become world leader in generic medicines A single quality standard for your entire production network and suppliersthereby ensuring that the drug More affordable without compromising quality.

When a reference medicine loses patent protection, Sandoz has a responsibility to bring a medicine on the market with comparable quality, safety and efficacy, but at a much cheaper price, So that they can reach more people.

In this way, patients have access to countless high-quality medicines, giving them new hope in fields such as oncology, immunology or endocrinology.

The beginning of a new era

Sanders Hope to continue to be a pioneer in promoting health for patients Begins a new phase as an independent company It was listed on the Swiss Sixth Stock Exchange on October 4.

The company has strengthened its commitment to innovation and development in Iberia with a €50 million investment in the expansion of its plant in Parafalls (Barcelona), part of an investment of more than €250 million in its antibiotic production network in Barcelona. Austria.

Sandoz is located in Top ten best companies to work for In Spain after being certified for the sixth consecutive year Great Place to Work®, is also strengthening its network Global Center of Excellence. Madrid hosts seven of the games, which will bring about 150 new members to the human ranks.

A long history of scientific milestones and achievements

In addition to leading access to cutting-edge, high-quality medicines, Sandoz also A long history of medical innovation.Since its birth more than 100 years ago, its name has always been associated with Cutting edge medical discoveries.

  • 1929, Sandoz Calcium, For the prevention and treatment of calcium deficiencies and for the supplementary treatment of osteoporosis, rickets and osteomalacia. He laid the foundation for calcium therapy to this day.

  • 1951, First oral penicillin, an acid-resistant version of the original injectable antibiotic. Today it is the most commonly used antibiotic.

  • in 1980, interferon alpha Recombinant medicine, a drug that helps the immune system.

  • year 2006, first biosimilarIt is a human growth hormone approved and marketed in Europe by Sandoz, launching the global biosimilar business.

This impressive scientific legacy allows us to continue researching reliable combinations of important generic medicines day after day, They will take you further and make progress faster. This ensures that in the future, Sustainable health care for all.

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