Facebook’s AI Tom Brady is a weird monster with a crush on Travis Kelce

If you’ve ever wanted to waste your time talking to a weird artificial intelligence version of Tom Brady, you’re in luck! Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has released “new AI experiences” that are essentially portraits of celebrities willing to talk to you in Messenger.

Among them was “Bru,” a sports-loving Brodsky who loved nothing more than talking about the NFL. In the course of extensive conversations with Blue, I learned about his affection for Roger Goodell, Bill Belichick, and gained insight into his obsession with Travis Kelce.

To test the AI ​​Brady’s knowledge, I started asking him this year for his thoughts on the Patriots.

I don’t know if I agree that the Bills actually “trusted” Mac Jones after benching him, but AI Brady knows the Bills better than I do. It’s time to dig a little deeper and ask him about Roger Goodell.

Okay, now I’m starting to believe it’s actually Tom Brady, so I asked a question I knew Tom would have a problem with – and he turned into a bitch.

At this point, the whole thing was making me feel a little uncomfortable, so I decided to take Blue’s advice and stick with football.

AI Brady seemed eager to discuss Kelce, so I asked him the burning question fans have been waiting for.

artificial intelligence is real Stuck on Travis Kelce. Nearly every message these days contains something about Travis Kelce. Since Blue was my new friend, it was important to start our relationship with honesty and openness.

I’ll admit there was a bit of disappointment here, but to AI Brady’s credit, he caught Jason Kelce’s trick. I knew the answer to the next question before I asked it, but had to throw it out anyway.

Here’s what I know about Blue so far: He’s a middle-aged sports fan who doesn’t know much about sports other than his Swiftian obsession with Travis Kelce few. Anyway, I need to get this robot out of this mess. Let’s throw out a fun tip and see how he does it.

No, sorry Blue – we’re talking about steak now.

It was great chatting with artificial intelligence Tom Brady (aka “Bru”), but this friendship wasn’t for me. I’m a live human being who loves talking about the rich melting pot of professional sports, and he’s a steak-loving robot who just wants to talk about Travis Kelce.

Taking the Band-Aid off is the best way to end this.

It’s time to find new adventures and new friends. It’s time to talk to AI Dwyane Wade (aka “Victor”), an inspirational triathlete looking for a change of pace.

This could be the start of a beautiful robot friendship.

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