“The Voice” Season 24: Who is Willie Gomez? John Legend threatens to reveal Gwen Stefani’s flirtation with Latin singer

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA: John Legend is ready to call Blake Shelton to complain about his wife and “The Voice” Season 24 coach Gwen Stefani.

The Oct. 10 episode of the NBC show began with a blind audition for Latino artist Willie Gomez, who all the coaches were ready to add to their team.

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Willie kicked off Tuesday’s episode with a stirring rendition of Manuel Turizo’s “La Bachata,” which received support from all four coaches.

As the other judges followed Gwen’s first turn, she was alarmed and said, “I thought I had you!”

“The Voice” season 24 contestant Willie Gomez (Instagram/williegomez)
“The Voice” season 24 contestant Willie Gomez received high praise from all the coaches (Instagram/@williegomez)

“You still have me,” Willie said in response.

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Gwen complimented Willie on his voice, and John joked that he was going to call Blake and tell him his wife was “flirting.”

Gwen stated that she had to flirt with Willie to get him on her team because all four judges sided with him.

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“I really think you’re super gifted, super talented,” she told him. “I would really like to work with you,” she added.

“What a show!” Niall Horan agreed, praising Willie for his stage presence and “full voice”.

“You can do whatever it takes to become a big star… It was like, ‘Oh, I hear this guy is making a record that’s going to be a huge success,'” John noted, referring to how extremely popular Latin music is . All over the world. “In many ways it’s pop music.”

“The Voice” season 24 contestant Willie Gomez (Instagram/williegomez)
Participant of the 24th season of “The Voice” Willie Gomez chose the “Legend” team (Instagram/@williegomez)

Which coach did “The Voice” season 24 contestant Willie Gomez choose?

Despite his earlier flirtation with Gwen, Willie seemed to be won over by John’s speech and he decided to become the last of the four people to join Team Legend.

Willie Gomez, according to John, is “the complete package.” “I think we’ll have to stay here!” – exclaims the coach.

“I don’t know what else I could have done,” Gwen complained as John revealed his newfound status as a Leyenda. “He’s really good.”

Participant of the 24th season of “The Voice” Willie Gomez chose the “Legend” team (Instagram/williegomez)
Participant of the 24th season of “The Voice” Willie Gomez chose the “Legend” team (Instagram/@williegomez)

“The Voice” Season 24 Contestant Willie Gomez Releases Music in Spanish

Willie is a Latino artist from the Dominican Republic who grew up in Miami.

So far he has only recorded music in Spanish. In May, he released his latest song, “Mira Como Baila” (“Look How He Dances”).

Last year he released the album “Del Cibao”, which included ten of his most successful songs. One of them, “Mojados” (Wet), has over 1.3 million streams on Spotify. The remix of the song received 600,000 views.

“The Voice” season 24 contestant Willie Gomez (Instagram/williegomez)
“The Voice” season 24 contestant Willie Gomez sang “La Bachata” by Manuel Turizo (Instagram/@williegomez)

Willie Gomez has toured with Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry.

The page on Willie’s website states that at the age of 13 he became interested in outstanding pop musicians and their work and began taking dance and vocal lessons.

According to him, by the age of 17, he was already performing with many Latin American stars, including Paulina Rubio, coach of La Voz and La Voz Kids.

According to his website, he has also performed at Latin events such as the Latin Billboards and the Latin Grammys.

He subsequently moved to Los Angeles to follow his aspirations and ended up dancing and performing with many celebrities, including Katy Perry and Britney Spears.

According to a recent Instagram post, Willie and three other dancers surrounded Paris Hilton at the Icons Only event at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood.

Earlier this year, he also featured on the duet “Dime Mi Amor” from Mayr Martinez’s latest EP.

Mair is a former Latin American Idol contestant who finished second on the first season of La Voz in 2019. Willie’s TikTok account has over 140,000 followers and 700,000 likes.

“The Voice” season 24 contestant Willie Gomez performed for Paris Hilton (Instagram/williegomez)
“The Voice” Season 24 contestant Willie Gomez performed for Paris Hilton (Instagram/@williegomez)

‘The Voice’ contestant Willie Gomez receives praise from Britney Spears

Willie wowed the coaches during his blind audition on Tuesday’s episode of The Voice and got an extra dose of star power from a fellow celebrity.

Before realizing his musical goals on The Voice, Willie worked as a background dancer for celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and Britney, who sent his pal a special message of good luck!

“Willie is my dancer and not only is he an amazing dancer, but he’s also an amazing singer,” Britney said in the video. “I send you all my kisses.” “I adore you!”

Willie’s Instagram page is full of photos of him and Britney, including one of them dancing together during her wedding to Sam Asghari in June 2022!

The owner of this post has made it private or deleted it.

“The Voice” season 24 contestant Willie Gomez with Britney Spears (Instagram/williegomez)
“The Voice” season 24 contestant Willie Gomez with Britney Spears (Instagram/@williegomez)

Season 24 of The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC at 9:00 pm ET.

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