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Autumn inspires calling. Strong winds arriving after Halloween confirm the meteorological tradition of bringing our first cold weather.My old and good friends confirmed this to me Paco Moggoh jesus sanchez blaySincerely, loyal readers yearbook of zaragoza (The aforementioned yearbook and lack of truth have nothing to do with Acting President Pedro Sánchez).

With the dull autumn breeze, The flu is coming.Same as the image I specified Keepers I’ve had in better times.

This kind lady (old since childhood) is short in stature and wears strict mourning clothes, including an apron. The woman was polite—“Good morning”—and usually did not miss a novena to honor the saint of the day in a nearby parish. Identifying the flu with my keeper Possibly stemming from this, as the city estate’s security guards preferred to wear a moclow on her head, draped over the crest rather than tied into a bun, and a few years after the Second Vatican Council stopped the mandatory use of the veil. Over the years she continued to do so in the temple.

My concierge had a very small flu virus, I would say very small, maybe because of the drying nose fluid that made the cute personal accessories look pathetic and wrinkles were kept to a minimum.Has nothing to do with the following Those lace and fantasy veils This brought the Hijos de Antonio Zamora de la Platería to fame, and these ladies were also worn during liturgies dedicated to the Miraculous Virgin; those who in summer wore decadent jingles of gold bracelets while fanning their swollen breasts, there It’s where the shoulder blades of happiness are.

My porter carries the characteristic and persistent aroma of boiled cauliflower Scare away the autumn flies, for that was how flies in Cardillo’s time should have been: stern and, above all, loyal, unlike the flies of today, capricious and restless.

If the concierge touches you, or simply gives you a letter with the unpaid bank balance on the shift, “Atchiss…!” automatically appears, heralding the first sprain, the one that occurs in the fall, and the resulting sprains. , chills, fever and bone pain are common. In an age even more deprived of care than today, when medicines did not expire, the flu had its pomp and its rituals, which included smells, no longer the regular aroma of boiled cauliflower served by my beloved concierge, but from Viks Rub A dose of menthol. Dr. Andrew’s cough drops or suppositories were flavored (memorably, the football-loving Aboriginal man who chewed them), and if the virus worsened, the doctor would burn alcohol in the small sterile steel cartridge of the syringe. Young man in pharmacy.

If the flu is understood correctly, it can have a big impact. After the first day, Reduced coughing and gramophone sounds. Lying quietly in bed, around Angelus time, while everyone else is working, you can read a bad novel, Sip unflavored lemonade rich in vitamin C. Enjoy intimate and private English rubs under fine linen sheets, especially when the afternoon charity visit arrives, bringing coffee meringues and talking in a trance about illness, vomiting and consumption, typical of life’s conditions . Friends of the family are like vultures, hunting for carrion at the expense of the body.

They misrepresent the flu; globalization cannot allow us to enjoy three days in bed, or a mother’s hand on our forehead to check our temperature, or even enjoy our laziness, even if it’s because of the flu.

Everything becomes impossible.

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