Lakers’ crushing loss to Orlando Magic raises alarm: Banchero and Wagner, their executioners

start of season Los Angeles Lakers Invite the optimists. The good feeling, the more or less good results and the cohesion between the first and second units suggest a continuation from the end of last year.But with the game over, the Californian has lost some momentum and needs to pay more attention LeBron James and increasing pressure Anthony Davis Always in focus. The third loss in the regular season came like this, and this loss at home was a bit worrying. The Orlando Magic won 120-101.

The Lakers were never in contention for a win. Davon Ham’s men were on their heels from the start, overwhelmed not only by the Orlando Magic’s push but also by their rapport and desire to win. Two teams competed, but only one truly showed their desire to compete and win: the locals.

and Franz Wagner Take a large part of the offensive responsibility Paolo Banchero Orlando is totally inspired and just needs some consistency to get its fourth win in six games.The Germans went Scored 26 points on 12-for-28 shooting (42.9% shooting rate), becoming the team’s leading scorer, with 5 rebounds and 2 assists.The past was more decisive Rookie of the Year, a triple-double with 25 points, 7 rebounds and 10 assistsall with a precise 60% success rate in front of the basket.

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Californians blame second team’s absence for significant impact Rui Hachimura, Gabe Vincent, Jalen Hood-Schifino and Taurean Prince. Some of the losses don’t prove that they were so bad in one aspect of their game that has become a major flaw for the Lakers: defensive rebounding. Orlando Magic grabbed 19 offensive reboundstheir fourth-highest score of the past decade, which they turned into He scored 36 points on second chances while averaging 18.8 points.

It’s a pressing issue for the Lakers, who have been exposed to the basket by all opponents early in the season.Overall, L.A.’s opponents They accumulated 117 goals in second chances Over the course of these six games this season. The Lakers scored less than half of that: 54 points.

Although rebounding has lost the impact and relevance it once had, it remains an important factor in the proceedings, and the Lakers suffer from a lack of presence inside and on the wings. That wasn’t enough for Anthony Davis (28 points, 13 rebounds), especially since only LeBron had more than six rebounds, with the legend grabbing nine in total. .

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A lack of intensity, energy, and success (44% TC, 26.7% T3) largely explains why the Lakers lost to an opponent like the Orlando Magic, who started the season with a higher level of understanding .

The Lakers need to react quickly before an excessive negative balance keeps everyone on their toes for another year. The situation is difficult as they face three road games: the Miami Heat (Nov. 6), the Houston Rockets (eight games) and the Phoenix Suns (10 games).

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