Falso Amor, the Netflix Reality Show That Refuses Reality Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

In fact, at the end of each episode, two groups of competitors, divided into a house called Mars and a house called Venus (but the assortment of genres is mixed), submitted videos which show how their partners spend time in another house: in many cases, the unfortunate poor have to be present winking, rubbing, flirting pushed, and in some cases even something more. It’s a pity that due to the very mechanism of the game, some of these videos are not real, but made with technologies deepfake: The face of some extras is superimposed on the face of one or one of the participants. How to make sure that the girl snuggling up to the very muscular blonde in the pool is really Aida or not? And whoever invited a busty Latina model into their room is really Reuben or just a replicant?

Members false love they are constantly found before the crossroads: they may indulge in the first reaction, instinctive, believing in the betrayal they see on the screen, followed by curses, tears and plans for revenge, or they may hope that the images they see before their eyes are the result instead sophisticated digital deception. At the end of each episode, the contestants must decide if the images they were shown are real or fake, and the couples who guessed correctly correct answer multiple times – often go against the trust they have in themselves parecha – will be able to win the coveted final cash prize.

Apart from the final result of the program (surprising in some ways), reflections that a format of this kind provides countless. Even if we leave aside the opportunity to play with the feelings and trust of these children with slight hopes (after all, television of the last decades has accustomed us to dating shows and reality shows of any orientation and orientation, even extreme ones), it is simply the use of this type of technique. leave confused. Moralism aside, it’s really interesting to see if we can trust the images that are in front of us. Fake videos shown in false love because they are of excellent quality and even for the viewer it is really difficult distinguish truth from fiction.

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