Fano, documentary about the wolf – Teramo

FANO ADRIAN. Great participation in Fano Adriano for the presentation of the documentary “Ogni volta che il wolf” by the director and producer. Marco Andreini and the Giuseppe Zilli Journalism Award in the presence of national reporters. The focus of the Fano community is so great on protecting the wolf that a statue of the animal greets visitors upon arrival at the village. Various conferences were organized according to the topic, so a report of scientific value with more than five years of implementation and filming in our mountains was presented in the city square in the presence of the president of the park Thomas NavarraPresident Legambiente Joseph DiMarco, specialists, photographers, director, sector journalists. Excellent response to the second edition of the journalism award, born in collaboration between the municipality and the Order of Journalists of Abruzzo, named after the late director of Famiglia Cristiana from 1954 to 1980. Joseph Zilli which was attended by, among other things, such famous names as Marcello Sorgi, Maria Teresa Meli Corriere della Sera, Gianluca Nicoletti radio24, Isabella Romano Tg1, Adam Khanzelevich del ansa and Rene Minor. Mayor Luigi Servi praised the two initiatives and his territory, the mountains of Teramo and the tourism boom of his municipality. “Second homes and living quarters also sold out this year,” he wrote, addressing his fellow citizens and inland cities so we can restart tourism while highlighting the community spirit and treasures of the territory. “We are ready to welcome you to a family with the central role of a community that must protect its culture and identity,” Servy wrote again, “we have the highest quality commercial activities, a pharmacy, an emergency doctor, and we must support them because they the present and the future, and all our beauties are resources and opportunities, as well as an important driving force for environmentally sustainable and experimental development.”
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