Fans who caused a sensation by making everyone fall in love after playing a prank

this National Football League Started last Sunday miami dolphins They defeated their opponents 36-34 and achieved their first victory of the season Los Angeles Chargers, But it’s a Florida fan who’s garnering the most attention, revolutionizing social networks with her viral postcards.

Hailey Lopez He shared a photo to show his love dolphin, So it got over 100,000 likes; however, there was an incident in this story that went viral because the woman was not real.

“Come on Dolphins,” he wrote. Hailey Lopez Attached was a photo showing off her beauty, and her eye-catching neckline at Hard Rock Stadium.

Haile López shows off a very sexy photo at Hard Rock Staidum

The post quickly went viral, attracting attention from fans and media; until people knew Hailey Lopezis a fan dolphin Created by artificial intelligence.

Apart from, Hailey Lopez She has amassed tens of thousands of followers on social networks because in her photos she wears very little clothing. Additionally, postcards are very convincing as they have deceived thousands of people.

AI predicts who will win Super Bowl 58?

The purpose of artificial intelligence is to solve some problems and facilitate day-to-day work problems, but thanks to its algorithms it can also provide a panoramic view of the future and even predict outcomes, such as the next NFL championship for the 2023 season.

Fox Sports Network consults two AI platforms for predictions on championships super bowl fifty-eight Strangely, they agreed on the results based on the quality of the data and templates provided.

Candidates for the first major game at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, will be the Cincinnati Bengals, San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, Bard from Google and said Except for the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles.

AI analyzed the rosters of these six teams as teams that went as far as possible, but favored a rematch of the 2023 Super Bowl between the Chiefs and Eagles.

And, based on the data provided and the platform’s algorithm, Philadelphia Its main strength is the running attack. Quarterback Jalen Hurts is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, as well as running backs Rashad Penny and Dean D’Andre Swift joins Kenneth Gainwell.

In itself, kansas city It has a strong offense in Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, as well as the experience of head coach Andy Reid, who has won two Vince Lombardi championships.

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