farewell to the star of John Wick and The Wire

Lance Reddick, whose last appearance dates back to John Wick 4 – expected in theaters for March 23 -, passed away yesterday – March 17 – of natural causes, just 60 years old. So let’s retrace the most important stages of his career.

Yesterday – March 17th – the world of entertainment has been shaken by terrible and unexpected news. Lance Reddick – known for his roles in the cult series The Wire and in the franchise John Wick – And suddenly disappearedat the age of 60 years. The star’s body was in fact found in her home in Studio City – a district of Los Angeles – in the early hours of yesterday morning. There cause of death has not yet been disclosedbut according to the sources reported by tmz extension – magazine that first spread the news – the disappearance should be attributed to natural causes, probably a heart attack.

Lance Reddick – A career divided between the big and small screens

Lance Reddick he had made a comeback about ten years ago, with the role of Charon – the concierge at the Hotel Continental – in the franchise John Wick. These days, he was in fact actively engaged in the promotion of the fourth chapterexpected in Italian theaters from March 23, and should have appeared in the living room of The Kelly Clarkson Show next week. The actor had also soon part recently at the remake of the Spike Lee cult Anyone who doesn’t jump is white — coming to Hulu May 19. His future projects included the Disney series Percy Jackson and the Olympians – in which he would play Zeus – and the spin-off of John Wick, Dancerin which he would star alongside the protagonist, Ana De Armas, and Keanu Reeves.

Reddick had landed his first major role in the fourth season of the Oz series – it was undercover agent Johnny Basil. His name, however, will always remain linked to the series that made him famous, the HBO cult The Wirein which he played one of the protagonists, Cedric Daniels, who appeared in all 60 episodes of the show. In 2008 his adventure in the series began Fringe – sci-fi cult created by JJ Abrams – aired until 2013, for a total of 90 episodes. Other series in which he took part are then Lost, Law & Order, CSI: Miami, The Blacklist, Bosch – where he acted in about 70 episodes – Corporate And Young Sheldon. His last television appearance then dates back to Netflix series Resident Evil, reboot of the videogame saga canceled after only one season. On the big screen he has instead appeared in cult and big blockbusters, among which they stand out Under Siege – White House Down, Old Boy – the remake of Spike Lee -, Power Attack 3, That night in Miami… And Godzilla vs. Kong. The actor has since contributed to the creation of numerous video games Quantum Break, Destiny and sequels ed Horizon Zero Dawn. The lack of him, therefore, will be felt in all sectors of the entertainment world and his imprint will remain alive in many projects appreciated by fans all over the world.

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