Today’s Almanac Thursday 16 March: born, died and saint of the day

March 16, 1926 Robert H. Goddard, American engineer and professor of physics, successfully tested the first liquid-propellant rocket. The era of space flight was beginning. Goddard’s groundbreaking research never received proper attention at home: the newspapers wrote about it often – even the New York Times — but, usually, to denigrate him. Not even the US army, despite various attempts by the professor, understood the enormous potential of the new technology. Those who immediately understood the value of his experiments were the German scientists, who would soon start rearming. On March 16, 1935, Hitler announced the reinstatement of compulsory conscription, in violation of the Treaty of Versailles: the Wehrmacht was born. Once Goddard understood Berlin’s warlike intentions, he refused to communicate with his German colleagues. But it seems that the young Wernher von Braun had his studies translated, which would prove to be fundamental for the development of the Nazi missile program (by Luigi Gaetani)

Born of the day

Pat Nixon, March 16, 1912, born Thelma Catherine Nixon, US first lady.

Antonio Guerra, March 16, 1920, also known as Tonino, poet, writer and screenwriter

Jerry Lewis, March 16, 1926, American comedian, actor, director

Franca Leosini, 16 March 1934, journalist and television presenter

Bernardo Bertolucci, March 16, 1941, director, screenwriter and film producer, Oscar for best director and best adapted screenplay 1988

Isabelle Huppert, March 16, 1953, French actress

Lauren Graham, March 16, 1967, American actress famous for her role as Lorelai Gilmore in the tv series Gilmore Girls

Alexandra Daddario, March 16, 1986, American actress

Valerio Aspromonte, 16 March 1987, fencer

Dead of the day

Selma Lagerlof, 16 March 1940, Swedish writer, Nobel Prize in Literature 1909

Tammi Terrell, born March 16, 1970, American singer

Jean Monnet, 16 March 1979, French politician among the founding fathers of the European Union

Giovanni Testori, 16 March 1993, writer, journalist and poet

Carmelo Bene, March 16, 2002, actor, director, playwright and poet

Frank Sinatra Junior, March 16, 2016, American singer and actor

Saint of the day

Saints Ilario and Taziano, respectively the second bishop of Aquileia and his deacon. They died martyred on the same day, March 16, 284, under the empire of Numerian. According to tradition, in 568, with the arrival of the Lombards, the patriarch of Aquileia took refuge in Grado, bringing with him the relics of the two martyrs

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