Fatal Attraction, unveiled the teaser trailer of the Paramount remake

Paramount points to the 80s with the new remake of Fatal Attraction. Click HERE to see the teaser trailer of the series!

A few moments ago, Paramount+ unveiled the brand new teaser trailer through its social channels Fatal Attraction, the remake of the famous 1987 thriller starring two intense Glenn Close and Michael Douglas. On this occasion, however, we will not be faced with a film, but with a series starring Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson, two faces who will make their debut on the platform starting May 1st.

To the helm of the projectshowrunner Alexandra Cunningham, Kevin J. Hynes (Chance), Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey – the latter known on the small screen for the acclaimed Americans. But it is definitely the name of Silver Tree (You, Shameless, The Flight Attendant) to generate some curiosity among fans for the directing department, which seems to be under his directives for at least five episodes.

As you will soon see, the teaser it just shows us a particularly prickly tension between the characters of Dan Gallagher (Jackson) and Alex Forrest (Caplan). Alyssa Jirrels, Amanda Peet, Toby Huss, Brian Goodman and Reno Wilson are still on the cast plan.

Alongside the teaser, Paramount+ also released a synopsis: “A reimagining of the classic psycho-sexual thriller that made history in the 80s. The new series will explore, with a modern twist, the theme of infidelity”. So has this been an opportunity to look deeper into the enigmatic minds of Dan Gallagher and Alex Forrest?

Fatal Attraction, the success of Adrian Lyne

Glenn Close and Michael Douglas in a scene from "Fatal Attraction"Fatal Attraction, one of the milestones of Adrian Lyne’s filmography, is probably one of the most interesting thrillers released on the big screen between the eighties and nineties. Intriguing, unpredictable, unexpected, Fatal Attraction has breached the hearts of critics on several occasions, collecting six nominations for the Academy Awards, and then for the Golden Globes, with participation in four categories.

The directorial style of Lyne he only made headlines again last year for his latest proposal, Deep Waters, and for the proposed duo: Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck, both in the role of a mysterious and shaky couple. What do you expect from Paramount after watching the teaser of Fatal Attraction? Let us know in the comments below!

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