Fátima Florez and Javier Milei are now officially with Mirtha Legrand: why the comedian says she will become one Outstanding First Lady

Fátima Florez and Javier Milei are now officially working with Mirtha Legrand: why the comedian says she will work independently First Lady (Documents)

Already a confirmed fact Mirtha Legrand It returns to US screens next Saturday (October 7).As far as he knows TV show A strong person who is close to the heroine, little girl He has been suffering from bronchitis since last week.. Accompanied by her personal physician Dr. Guillermo Semeniuk, The famous 96-year-old rider is progressing well and “she’s doing much better” They speak from their closest circles.

For your first program, little girl Hopefully two special guests: Comedians Fatima Flores and national presidential candidates, Javier Millay. Since they met on a show last year, more precisely on December 22, 2022, now that their relationship is official, Mirtha wants to rely on them because To date, they have never appeared together.

Last Saturday, on talk radio Catalina Drudge, for eleven ten, The comedian revealed some aspects of her new relationship with the economist. “Our relationship is built on our connection and we try to keep politics from getting involved too much, “We often stay at home and don’t go out much. We live in the moment. We are very passionate.”she said, excited about her advances.

“We try to cherish the moments that we can keep for ourselves because we are all busy, we all work a lot, and we are at home a lot of the time,” he noted in a conversation with Katarina. City radio station.

Javier Milei goes to the Bailando 2023 studio to look for Fátima Florez, but he does not want to talk to Marcelo Tinelli (Bailando 2023)

At the time, when asked about the possibility of becoming Argentina’s first lady, the comedian believed that if it did happen, it would have different details than other women who have held the role. “I will be the first first lady to continue working and live independently of the state.””, he promised. Then she added: “If that happens, I will be the first lady, the first person to continue to be committed to what she does. “

On how the love between the couple came about, Fatima said it all happened spontaneously. “I happened to meet Javier (Millais) and had a strong resonance with himthat was a secret love“We connected in a very strong spiritual way, and it was sudden,” he said.

Last Tuesday night, the comedian attended Dancing 2023, cycle Marcelo Tinelli, when a black car with fully tinted windows suddenly appeared in the parking lot of Studios America. Marcelo immediately interrupted the live broadcast of his imitation of Fatima in “Carmen Barbieri” and strode towards the beach at the entrance of the canal.from there Javier Milei is seen in the car When Tinelli asked him to roll down his window, he rolled it down just a little so that only his eyes could be seen.Marcelo gave him the microphone, but The presidential candidate refused to speak or even get out of his car. “I’m here to see Fatima, come on, Marcelo, now is not the time,” he interrupted suddenly.

Regarding Mirtha Legrand’s plans, as far as she knows TV show, The new cycle is characterized by general production Nacho Viale and Diego Palacios, The show will be taped this Friday at 9 pm at Cuyo Studios in the town of Martinez and will be broadcast on Saturday. For the first table – as Chiqui likes to say – Mirtha started preparing it not long ago, because this diva doesn’t leave any details behind.

This is the moment Fátima Florez and Javier Milei met on Mirtha Legrand’s show (USA)

This season she will be assisted by her closest team of collaborators. Leo Cosenza Be your personal hairdresser and stylist Gladys Andrade Makeup manager. For the occasion, the diva has tried on outfits with two of her favorite designers: Ira Corsano and Claudio Corsano. So TV’s biggest divas will have four dresses to choose from for the big night.

Some details of the amenities that the country’s most famous celebrities will enjoy are also already known. Chichi His dressing room on the first floor is ready, Can be reached by elevator He then only has to walk 15 meters to command Argentinian television’s most famous table. It is worth noting that the dressing room has a private bathroom and is of ideal size so that the heroine can take care of her personal appearance with maximum comfort.

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