Ferrari, all VIPs ended up on the blacklist: here’s how it works

If you think that you have to be rich to afford any Ferrari, you are very wrong. There are famous people who cannot buy a new Cavallino supercar.

Ferrari represents the dream for many enthusiasts who have managed to become rich. A redhead certainly can’t afford a nobody. Sometimes, however, notoriety represents a limit, especially if the values ​​of the Cavallino are not respected. The world is full of people with money, just look at the garage of some collectors.

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Ferrari is a symbol and is known everywhere. Some models are considered unattainable, both because they are numbered and because they are difficult to find on the market. Whoever owns them keeps them close. The 488, and in the past, the F430 or the 360 ​​Modena, rather than the 599 GTB Fiorano or the 512 Scaglietti have become best sellers, it is much more difficult to get hold of an Enzo or the historic F40 and F50. He wants to buy a Ferrari, but at the dealership they laugh in his face: that’s why.

LaFerrari and the FXX K, for example, are reserved for the privileged few. The feats on the track of the Rossa were legendary and the credit goes also to the riders who risked their lives to be able to keep the horse rampant. Just think that the seven-time F1 world champion Michael Schumacher played an essential role in the creation of the Enzo. The know-how gained on the track has always been transferred to road cars. In recent years, the Reds has slipped into a very deep crisis, not even being able to fight for a world title in the last 10 years.

In any case, enthusiasts continue to follow Formula 1, hoping one day to see Ferraristi again on top of the world. VIPs are often in the Paddock and want legendary cars, but it’s not always so obvious. There are pre-established criteria for getting your hands on some special models. Anyone who chooses to put a 488 Speciale in their garage will have to buy another Ferrari, equipped with a V8 engine. In addition, he must be a frequenter of the “Corse Clienti” program.

He will participate in the Ferrari Racing Days with an FXX or in the Challenge aboard a 488. It is a club for the privileged and, consequently, only “the best-known clients are deemed entitled” to own a super Ferrari can access it. You also need to have a Ferrari that is already part of the VS programme, i.e. a 458 Speciale, a 430 Scuderia, a LaFerrari, an F12tdf or an iconic F40. Lamborghini’s rivals have unveiled the new V8 SUV: look at that beast.

The Ferrari blacklist

Many VIPs, such as athletes, artists, actors or privileged lucky ones, certainly not ordinary people, have the opportunity not only to buy, but also to keep close to the Cavallino racing cars. The Modenese house has made a blacklist of characters who will no longer be able to buy a Ferrari. Justin Bieber, responsible for the loss of the car only to find it two weeks later, is the latest in a long list. Among them are American actor Nicholas Cage, rapper 50 Cent, boxer Floyd Mayweather and Kim Kardashian.

If you think that the aforementioned VIPs are guilty of personalizing the Cavallino models, you are wrong, there is also unedifying behavior. Changing colour, alloy wheels and other details is also not considered a good commercial for the brand. Sometimes associating a modified Ferrari car with a “politically incorrect” music video is not good for the brand. In the past some players have destroyed cars, drunk, but this has not affected the choices of the top management. Not everyone is considered “worthy” to buy a new Ferrari-branded car.

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