Maneskin, the controversy over the police who escorted them to Rome…

The wedding event of Maneskins continues to cause discussion and this time the controversy concerns the police who escorted the four members of the band through the streets of Rome.

Federico Rocca, municipal councilor of Brothers of Italy and chairman of the transparency commission in the Campidoglio, presented a question, as reported by Rome Today.

Rome needs a mayor, not an artistic director!”

Maneskin, the controversy over the police who escorted them through the streets of Rome

The local police escort had aroused many perplexities among the citizens, so much so that I had immediately presented a question to find out the reasons for this measure. Well today the Local Police Command replied that the escort was ensured for reasons of public order. I am appalled by this favorable treatment in a city where there is a lack of traffic wardens to manage traffic, to combat illegal trade and to carry out all the other tasks that the Corps is called upon to perform.

While at the expense of the community, agents were engaged to guarantee the escort of a musical group for a private moment, in a private space and for which Roma Capitale had no competence or visibility.

Federico Rocca he then concluded.

It’s time to end it with the Campidoglio stage because we are not in Sanremo, but in the capital of Italy which demands choices from the mayor and his administration to solve the city’s problems. We need a mayor, not an artistic director.”

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