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Luca Bonifacio

“Give a child a sheet of paper, some paints and invite him to draw a car, he will definitely make it red.” The well-known phrase comes from the man who made motorsport history by giving the country the name, shape and “colour” of one of the most beautiful, powerful and most famous sports cars ever seen. We are of course talking about Enzo Ferrarihe is “Drake“.

But before creating the concept of a car meant only to win, a car capable of bringing joy – and pain – to its fans, defining their Sunday mood, perhaps not everyone knows that Drake had to face one of the most difficult phases of his life. automotive career, and hence his whole life. Telling us about it is nothing but Luke Dal Monte – journalist, former head of external relations for Ferrari in the United States, and one of the greatest biographers of Drake – in his Ferrari. Alleged culpritpublished by Cairo Editore.

Today is the second Sunday in May 1957. He runs there XXIV edition from a thousand miles, a race in which cars race at speeds of more than 200 km/h on city and state roads, so they are accessible to everyone and pose a danger to everyone. Ferrari 335 S of the Spanish Marquis Alfonso de Portago and co-pilot Eddie Nelson swerved and left the road due to the explosion of the front left wheel. Eleven people, at least those that could be found, died in this brutal crash on the Brescia: two pilots and nine spectators, including five children.

Starting from that hellish day, Enzo Ferrari will undergo an inevitable process that we follow step by step thanks to the documents taken from Dal Monte and the reconstruction of the whole story, as if we were there living witnesses of it.Media and judicial investigation: from the accusations leveled against Ferrari for “damaged” tires, to the attack on the church, from guilt as the sole responsibility for the massacre to the final verdict.

Enzo Ferrari performs here in all his past. complex and controversial, a tough and sweet figure both in private and in public, a manager who has given all his strength to a sport in which cars are haunted by the shadow of death. Because what we read between the lines of Dahl Monte’s exact reconstruction is precisely the human given, which complements – and does not exceed – the mechanical one and allows us to see history from a new angleas well as the feel of a car race.

So I’m waiting for the biopic ferrari director Michael Manninterpreted Adam Driverand presented in the competition 80th Venice Film Festivallight Ferrari. Alleged culprit it allows us to understand the complexity, the enlightened monarchy, the human and athletic heart of those who created the myth of the “reds”: the result of those who “loved racing more than life”, “bulky, crowded, indefatigable” Creator”, “an agitator of people and ideas”, was found guilty.

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