“Now I understand how women feel”

Venice, September 4, 2023 – “They took me felt ass at an Armani party. Many times. I did not make any placements out of respect for the form: now I understand how women feel“. This is the trick of the chief of the Venetian brigade, Marco Agostiniwho claims to have been molested by a stylish boy Party at the Armani fashion showJust For One Nightorganized on Saturday evening at the Arsenale as part of the film festival.

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And there, between VIPs and supermodels, a crime would have happened. That same evening, he posted this on social media, and the post did not go unnoticed. But then the noise intensified, and the commander retreated, canceling everything.

“It was a boy, I thought it was a mistake”

“The first time I pretended nothing happened, I thought it was a mistake. Then again and again: only five. I almost sure little boyA 20-year-old guy,” the commander told the Gazzettino newspaper. “I wrote the post mainly for sympathize with women who suffers from such actions. Now that I’ve tried it myself, I know what it is,” the fire chief said.

The alleged harassment allegedly happened after a fashion show.”Just For One NightGiorgio Armani at the Arsenale, where Agostini was invited along with Mayor Luigi Brugnaro and Commissioner Simone Venturini. Special Event: Godmother Evening Sophia Loren. The invitation required a “black tie” which, in the case of a police officer, consists offull uniform. And with that, Marco Agostini, 63, the former CEO of the municipality, showed up at the Arsenale for an exclusive event with which designer Giorgio Armani wanted to pay homage to the city.

Message disappeared

“I had to live to be 63 years old to understand how a victimized woman feels when her ass is touched.” Thus began a protest post that appeared in recent days on the Laguna police chief’s Facebook profile and was soon deleted. “In order to interrupt this business,” Agostini said in his post, “I must decided to leave quickly from an event I attended, always keeping a smile on my face. And don’t make a presentation just for the sake of respect the uniform I wear”.

What’s happened

The first part of the evening went well: during the fashion show, seats were allocated and the audience was carefully selected. The harassment occurred when guests left Tesa Room 89, where the fashion show was being held, and moved to the third Tesa, Room 91, where a music and buffet table console was installed. The crowd was inevitable: there were 700 guests on the list. The crowd is inevitable. “It was during the cocktail they groped my ass” said Commander Agostini.

“I was with the mayor and others, we talked. The crowd was significant. At some point, they groped my ass. The first time I ignored it I was thinking about a mistake. Then the second one, which I still haven’t noticed. And then more and more. Just five.” Do you have any idea who did it? The crowd was large, but they almost sure it’s a little boy, 20 years old“.Always the same thing?” “I would say yes.” And you didn’t react? “The temptation was strong, but, as I wrote, out of respect for the uniform I wear, I decided not to put“.

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