Ferrari movie, can it be promoted: Penélope Cruz in Venice?

Michael Mann could make a deal with the union SAG-AFTRA for advancement ferrari. Film submitted to the competition 80th Venice Film Festivalwould get permission for promotional activities not covered by the strike: here’s how.

The strike of writers and actors has led to a number of problems in the audiovisual sector. In fact, many productions have been moved to due to the ban on any advertising activityeveryone who joined the initiative. In fact, due to the situation, the awards ceremony was postponed for several months. Emmy Award 2023as well as theatrical distribution of several films. However, some games would manage to get around the ban. This is the case, for example, with ferrari.

Ferrari movie
Why can Ferrari be promoted despite the strike? (ANSA) – VelvetMag

Director Michael Mannthe film focuses on the figure Enzo Ferrari, founder of the automaker Maranello. We will talk in detail about the moment of severe crisis that the former Formula 1 driver experienced in 1957. It was a watershed year for the entrepreneur, marked by various painful events such as the risk of bankruptcy of the company, the instability of the marriage to Laura Dominica Garello and the death of her son. dino. Added to this is the appearance of a daughter born from an extramarital affair of former pilot Lina Lardy.

ferrariMichael Mann manages to bypass promotion ban due to strike

Summing up, ferrari certainly one of the most anticipated games of the coming months, also thanks to the cast. In fact, he will play the role of the founder of the automaker Maranello. Adam Drivernext to which we will find Oscar winner Penelope Cruz as a wife. Completion of the cast: Shailene Woodley, Patrick Dempsey AND Jack O’Connell.

The indifferent profusion of names, which could have been decisive in the promotional phase for the film’s success, prevented members SAG-AFTRA. However, some films have been given the opportunity to be promoted, and among the titles “pardoned” by the union are also ferrari. Cause? The film is distributed by independent companies, Neon and STXinternationalwho accepted the terms of the unions without hindering the protests. Measure taken to increase pressure on studiosproviding benefits to those who are not members of the association AMPTP Extension (American film and television producer).

The cast of the film Ferrari
Ferrari, cast of Michael Mann (ANSA) film – VelvetMag

Based on this, therefore, 80th Venice Film Festival Hollywood stars participating in the project can come, fight for the golden lionthat is Adam Driver AND Penelope Cruz, among others. A feature film is also planned as the final film New York Film Festival. The choice, however, is up to those directly involved: the talents involved can, in effect, turn down promotions in solidarity with their peers. So did, for example, Viola Davis, who decided not to continue the production of an action-packed thriller. G20despite the fact that the project met the requirements set by the union.

ferrari this is not the only major action “pardoned” by the union. It also received permission to promote its own film. DogMan From Luc Bessonwith Caleb Landry Jones, also on Venice Film FestivalAND unknown country.

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