Ferrari refuses to sell him the car, he sues for reputational damage and sends the company a check

Today you will hear a truly absurd story about a collector who wanted a Ferrari. .

When there is Ferrari By the way, we always talk about the most beloved car brand in the world. Cavallino has been producing absolute masterpieces for 76 years, considering that the first in history was the 125 S, born in 1947 under the direction of Drake, who proudly lifted the veil from his first creation that year.


At Maranello, at least as far as the product is concerned, we are accustomed to doing everything to perfection, trying to hide behind every supercar the unmistakable soul that always makes it the object of desire of wealthy clients, even if at times they may also have disagreements that spread throughout to the whole world.

Today’s story is very interesting. we are talking about a collector who wanted to own a limited edition Ferrari., but who saw the door slam in front of his nose at the Modena house. In response, something unexpected happened that could seriously undermine the value of the brand.

Ferrari, a special story from collector Preston Henn

The protagonist of this story is a very famous character in the American four-wheel scene, and it is about a collector. Preston Hennwhich is obviously also one of his favorite cars Ferrari. In fact in 2016 this man filed a lawsuit against the Italian companyguilty, he says, of being denied the purchase of a limited edition LaFerrari Aperta.

Ferrari LaFerrari and the lawsuit
Ferrari LaFerrari at the exhibition (ANSA) –

In fact, this type of car may not be bought by everyone like other standard red cars such as the 296 GTB, Roma or the recent Purosangue SUV, but they are part of a small circle of vehicles that are only for a select few. A little. When Henn made his request, he was told that all models had already been distributedand that his statement did not reach Cavallino in time, while he was presiding Sergio Marchionne.

As far as we know, Henn did not give up and sent Marchionne a check for one million dollars along with a letter to him renewing his request. Then the entrepreneur brought in his lawyers. decision to sue Ferrari for damaging its imageMore precisely, for a damaged reputation.

The Florida court began the trial, but Henn himself, a few months after it began, decided to postpone it, given that the case against Cavallino required a huge amount of money and that he had no intention of taking it. Moreover, his lawyers warned him that there was no hope of winning such a lawsuit, forcing him to withdraw.

Subsequently, the American tycoon began to speak poorly of Cavallino, his pride was wounded by what happened. Unfortunately, even if the trial took placeHenn could not foresee how this would end. In fact, he died of natural causes at the age of 86, just a few months after the indictment was dropped, ending this curious story in the worst possible way.

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