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Imola, October 22, 2023 – Imola, and in particularAutodrom, will soon become the main characters on the big and small screen. After previewing on Venice Film Festival and the first teaser, distributed in the original language, finally arrived the other day Ferrari extended trailer, movie Michael Mann dedicated to part of Drake’s life.

Filming of Michael Mann's film

Filming of Michael Mann’s film

There is anticipation to see the work of the American director in cinemas. Filmed in recent months between Modena and Maranello, the film survived shooting day also on the banks of Santerno in October 2022, when Mann was given a copy of the map of Imola drawn by Leonardo da Vinci. Ferrari, starring Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz and Patrick Dempsey, hits theaters on December 14. And it will remain there throughout the Christmas holidays.

Scenario : Modena, 1957; Enzo Ferrari A former driver and manufacturer of the most famous cars in the world, he is going through a personal and professional crisis. The company he built from scratch ten years ago is experiencing serious difficulties, as is marrying his wife Laura becomes increasingly turbulent after the death of their only son Dino and the discovery of the existence Pierrot, son that Ferrari had an extramarital affair. Seeking redemption, Drake decides to bet everything on the legendary A thousand miles.

However, the film will not be filmed in Imola, but the Autodromo will still be the center of the story. new Netflix mini-series about history Ayrton Senna. Filming began this week in Brazil. The role of Senna is played by a Brazilian actor and musician. Gabriel Leone.

The crew and some of the actors have just arrived in Brazil, where filming will take place. to Sao Paulo and Angra dos Reis in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Some scenes of the miniseries, one of Netflix Brazil’s most ambitious and innovative projects, produced by Gullane, have already been filmed in the United States. Argentina and Uruguay.

After filming in Brazil ends, they will move to Great Britain. Over the course of six episodes, Senna will chart Ayrton’s journey for the first time, overcoming obstacles, ups and downs, joys and sorrows, exploring his personality and personal relationships. The starting point will be the start of the racing career of the three-time Formula 1 champion, when he moved to England for compete in Formula Ford, until the tragic accident on May 1st during the San Marino Grand Prix. In general direction Vicente Amorimwho is also the showrunner and director, as well as director Julia RezendeSenna is produced Gullane Icooperation with Senna Brands and the pilot’s family.

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