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Chatto Mata He came to the restaurant for a delicious tri-color tiradito with a little rice topped with seafood and grated cheese. To quench his thirst, he ordered a lemon verbena lemonade. “Maria, I received a ‘Wasap’ message with urgent content: ‘Chatito, don’t abandon me, you are my only friend, I am in bed, I will wait for you in my house, drop everything and come in…’ .

In fact, I was worried about that fat womanizer. I imagine the countless dawns and nights of rum, pisco, and “chelas” must have taken their toll on him. I arrived by plane and found him lying on the bed.

Because,” he told me, “it’s hard for me to say it. All this happened because of my friends, lawyers from Callao, who were disappointed with me because the choice of “Cabezon” Reynoso made me vomit bile, and they introduced me to a girl who was on TV Watching it for a quarter of an hour lifted my spirits.

“Doctor, put aside the bad mood of your enemies and the pressure of La Posada,” they told me. “We are who we are, open the door, I’m coming”, I shouted excitedly and headed to the heathen dormitory where the door was open to me at all times. I have a VIP card because I’ve been going in there for over 25 years.

“Wow, this chubby guy is getting old, I don’t think he’s going to work anymore!” I heard the model whisper, and I got angry, like one of those bulls that had just been bullied.

I ordered the Gold Label Whiskey and Salsa from Charlaco Jeinson Manuel Scissorhands and he was killing it. “I told Sky you were gone and he started crying/He must still remember the day I met you/You wore your hair down and I longed to make you laugh/Looking for a thousand ways to not be who I’ve always been/ I don’t want to do this anymore/Every time I think of your kiss, I get hurt/I get hurt because time goes in one direction/And there’s no turning back/That day you erased the connection with my heart/That day you erased My heart…it’s not a secret/please forgive me for not telling you that I’m not perfect…

Everything was beautiful and I thought “I’m going to impress the men with my spectacular and legendary piggy hop”. But as soon as the show started I started feeling dizzy. My chest burned and I was drowning. Chatto, you know I’m healthy. I never put that crap up my nose, just my booze and women. But I was always uneasy.

The woman I love most in my life is the mother of my son, but I still can’t stand married life. I felt like I was living in a cage and I would use any excuse to escape at night. He asked them to call me urgently about the case at the police station.

Pancholón discovers a fat doll pinned with a bunch of pins

“I had an errand, honey, I had to go to work, and coins were coins… They tried to catch me, making beds, playpens, even witchcraft, when I found a chubby doll covered in a bunch of pins They tried to catch me while nailing it to my door, but no one could change me.

The thing is, the last thing I remember is that everything was cloudy. I wanted to open my eyes but couldn’t. In the distance I heard them shouting “He’s dying, that fat man is dying…”. I woke up in the clinic.

Chato, I caught pneumonia in a hot shower in the hotel in the early morning, the years did not pass in vain, but the old warrior died standing, so I waited for recovery, let everything become beautiful, the night is young, Pampa is for everyone , give me what I give.Go to Peru”. That person Pancholon He is a pig and a womanizer. Even when he was sick, he never stopped saying his shameless things. I’m leaving, take care of yourself.

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