Film publishing and collecting, CinemaArcord is in Dust for the weekend.

Confirmed guests include Pino Donaggio, Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, Simon Boswell, Sergio Martino, Enzo G. Castellari, Valeria D’Obichi, David Brandon, Mirella D’Angelo and Mirella Banti.

A unique event of its kind dedicated to film publishing and collecting. There will be an opportunity to immerse yourself in an extraordinary world of images, sounds and cinematic visions through a rich program of meetings, events and screenings, as well as a fair-exhibition – the only one of its kind in Italy – animated by stands. publishers (books, soundtracks, home video) and collectors of film material (posters and posters, vintage books and comics, memorabilia and anything collectible).

Movie programming

With an important novelty: this year, in addition to the exhibition space and the conference hall, one more room will appear: the White Screen. The program includes a showing of a masterpiece by Dario Argento. deep red in a new 4K remastered version distributed by Cat People and two unmissable documentaries for genre film lovers, Acquarius Visionarius. Cinema by Michele Soavi (Claudio Lattanzi, 2018) and Milan Calibro 9. Hours of Destiny (Deborah Farina, 2022), dedicated to the cult film by Fernando Di Leo; preview of the film Cieco sordo muto, the latest work of Lorenzo Lepori, co-written with screenwriter Antonio Tentori (in cinemas in November 2023), special closing of the event.

Meetings and market exhibition

The conference room will host events with specialized book, record and home video publishers, film critics, actors and directors – copies and photographs are also available for signing. Enough space will be given to small film publishers who will hold a round table to take stock of trends and the health of the sector in Italy. It starts in the morning, opening to the public at 10, and continues throughout the day. After the closing of the market exhibition at 19:00, kermes continues with screenings and evening events in the hall.

Before, during and after Daste Bistrò is open and ready to welcome everyone with quality food and drinks. Among others, the great composer of film music Pino Donaggio will take turns performing on stage – to whom a lifetime achievement award will be presented and to whom a special tribute to Donaggio will be dedicated by the pianist Isabella Turso; actress Valeria D’Obichi, winner of the David di Donatello Prize; Simon Boswell and David Brandon at Michel Soave’s iconic Deliria celebration; Mirella D’Angelo and Mirella Banti, two iconic interpreters of “Tenebre” by Dario Argento, who will talk about the film and the master of terror along with Claudio Bartolini. There will also be space for a respectful celebration of the fiftieth anniversary Police accuse law exempt AND Milan is trembling, the city wants justicein the company of their directors are legendary Sergio Martino and Enzo G. Castellari – accompanied by an actor Luke Snackstuntman Massimo Vannifrom musicians Guido and Maurizio De Angelisauthors of both soundtracks (and famous thanks to films with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill).

The full detailed program can be viewed here.

Meeting program – Saturday 9 September:

11.00 MEETING ROOM: valid. The Great Book of Satan. From the Old Testament to art, from cinema to literature, from comics to rock, a biography of the Prince of Evil” (Mondadori). With authors Edoardo Rosati and Danilo Arona.

12.00 MEETING SPACE: Presentation of the books “Charles Bronson – Hollywood Tough Guy” (Shatter Editions) and “Dissonances for Crime – Ennio Morricone in an Italian Thriller” (Shatter Editions). With the authors Massimo Moscati and Marco Ferretti.

13.00 MEETING ROOM: Budd. The Aesthetics of Mutations by David Cronenberg (Weird Book), John Carpenter. Legend” (Weird Book) and “Corea Shock – South Korea’s New Horror Cinema” (Profondo Rosso Edizioni). With authors Roberto Lasagna, Benedetta Pallavidino, Luigi Boccia.

14.00 MEETING ROOM: active book “All this purple” (Fratelli Frilli Editori). With author Christiane Astori

15.00 MEETING ROOM: bud. the book “Soundtracks – Images Between Notes” (Bloodbuster Edizioni) and the presentation of the book “Operation Underline – The World of James Bond Movie Soundtracks” (Bluebelldisc Music) with authors Massimo Privitera and Andrea Natale. Special guest Andrea Carlo Cappi

16.00 MEETING ROOM: valid. De Sica, Me and the Finzi Contini Garden. Unpublished diary of the protagonist of “Lino Capolicchio” and “With anger in the eyes”. The Psychological Routes of Italian Crime Cinema by Fabrizio Fogliato (Bietti)

17.00 MEETING ROOM: active disc “Police Accused Law Released – 50th Special Edition for Cinemarcord 2023” (Beat Records). With Daniele De Gemini. Special guests Guido and Maurizio De Angelis

18.00 SUMMER ARENA: 50 years of “The police accuse, the law liberates” and “Milan trembles, the police want justice”. With directors Enzo G. Castellari and Sergio Martino, actor Luc Merenda, actor and stuntman Massimo Vanni and soundtrack composers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis.

*In case of bad weather, the meeting will take place at Cinema Lo Screen Bianco.

20.00 CINEMA “WHITE SCREEN”: screening of the film “Milan Caliber 9: Hours of Destiny” (Deborah Farina, 2022). presented by the director *admission free

21.30 CINEMA WHITE SCREEN: screening of the film “Profondo Rosso” (Dario Argento, 1975) in restored version in 4K. Distribution of cat people

*entrance fee (3.50 euros)

then there was a screening of the film “Aquarius the Seer – Il Cinema di Michele Soavi” (Claudio Lattanzi, 2018). Presented by director Claudio Lattanzi *admission free.

Meeting agenda for Sunday 10 September:

11.00 MEETING SPACE: Presentation of the Suspiria del Regno Oscuro comic book and the book Vintagerotica – Italian Sexual Pocket (Annexia).

With author Luca Laca Montagliani

12.00 MEETING SPACE: presentation of the books “Cinema by Robert Mulligan” and “Roberto Benigni, Little Devil and Holy Water” (Falsopiano Edizioni) with authors Fabio Zanello, Mario Molinari and Alfredo Marasti.

13.00 MEETING SPACE: presentation of the books “Soggettiva di un delitto” (Shatter Edizioni) and “Tenebre – Sotto gli occhi dell’acido”. With authors Antonio Tentori and Roberto Lasagna.


15.00 MEETING SPACE: presentation of the book “Valeria D’Obichi actress in her own way” (Falsopiano Edizioni). With author Francesco Foschini.

Special guest actress Valeria D’Obichi.

4:00 PM SPACE TO MEETING: Launch of the special edition CD “Red Eros” and “Spiando Marina” (Bluebelldisc Music, 2023). With composers Natale Massara and Luigi G. Ceccarelli and director Pierfrancesco Campanella.

17.00 SUMMER ARENA: Stars in the dark by Dario Argento

Meeting with actresses of the Argentine masterpiece Mirella D’Angelo and Mirella Banti

*In case of bad weather, the meeting will take place at Cinema Lo Screen Bianco.

18.00 SUMMER ARENA: 35 (+1) years of Deliria

presentation of the soundtrack “Deliria” (Rustblade Records). With composer Simon Boswell and actor David Brandon. Director Claudio Lattanzi and screenwriter Antonio Tentori will intervene.

*In case of bad weather, the meeting will take place at Cinema Lo Screen Bianco.

20.00 Cinema “White Screen”: Meeting with the composer Pino Donaggio. With the participation of pianist Isabella Thurso, who will present her album “Homage to Donaggio” (Bluebelldisc Music).

21.00 Cinema “White Screen”: special closing

PREVIEW screening of the new film directed by Lorenzo Lepori “Cieco Sordo Muto” (to be released in theaters in October/November. Distributed by Cinnamon/Digitmovies)

The hall will be attended by director Lorenzo Lepori, screenwriter Antonio Tentori and actors David Brandon, Simone Vannelli, Pio Bisanti.

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