Films to see Sunday 16 April, in prime time and late evening

What Movies are on TV Tonight? Here’s ours Complete TV Guide with the Best Movies broadcast tonight, Sunday 16 April 2023, in prime and late evening on the main free-to-air TV channels, with plots, casts and trailers.

  • Mister Link (Animation, Adventure, Comedy) broadcast on Rai Gulp at 21.05a film by Chris Butler, with the original voices of Hugh Jackman, Zoe Saldana, Zach Galifianakis, Emma Thompson, Timothy Olyphant and Stephen Fry.

    The plot of the movie: The film is set in 1986 and stars the charismatic Sir Lionel Frost, who considers himself the best detective in the world when it comes to mythological creatures and monsters. The problem is that no high society exponent seems to recognize this ability. One day he receives a letter and realizes that he is faced with the possibility of being able to capture “the missing link”, a legendary creature whose existence no one has yet been able to prove.
    Hoping to finally win the approval of his fellow adventurers and his rival, Lord Piggot-Dunceby, Sir Lionel decides to set out for the regions of the extreme Pacific Northwest in search of the yeti, bigfoot, sasquatch or whatever name it is. been attached to the creature over time. After finding him in a North American forest, Lionel discovers that it was the sasquatch, nicknamed Mr. Link, who wrote him the letter asking him to help him find his yeti relatives in the Himalayas…

  • The perfect prey (Action, Thriller) broadcast on 20 at 21a film by Scott Frank, starring Liam Neeson, Boyd Holbrook, Dan Stevens, Whitney Able, Stephanie Andujar, Marina Squerciati, Astro and Mark Consuelos.

    The plot of the movie: The film follows Matt Scudder, a former New York Police Department officer addicted to alcohol. After an accident that cost him his badge, Matt is now working as an unlicensed private investigator, operating outside the law.
    One day, the detective is approached by drug dealer Kenny Kristo. The criminal explains his situation: his wife was kidnapped, but after paying the ransom money, the woman was still brutally killed by the kidnappers. Now Kenny wants to find those responsible and take revenge, but to do so he needs the help of Matt, who reluctantly takes the case.
    During his investigations, the investigator discovers that the kidnappers he is looking for are heinous serial killers, experts in identifying their victims. Thus begins the agonizing search for criminals for the detective, before they can commit another crime…

  • A perfect shot (Thriller) broadcast on La7 at 21.15a film by Michael Radford, starring Michael Caine, Demi Moore, Lambert Wilson, Jonathan Aris, Derren Nesbitt, Nathaniel Parker, Shaughan Seymour, Nicholas Jones, Joss Ackland, Silas Carson, Rosalind March and Stanley Townsend.

    The plot of the movie: Set in London in the early 1960s, it follows the story of Laura Quinn, an ambitious 40-year-old career woman who is the manager of the London Diamond Corporation, the largest diamond company in the world.
    Laura is frustrated that her professional advancement is hampered by the top management of the company, corrupt, deeply sexist and reluctant to recognize her talent and skills. So dissatisfied and fierce, the woman decides to join Mr. Hobbs, an elderly bank usher, animated by a strong feeling of bitterness after years of inadequately recognized service. Hobbs’ goal is to avenge the death of his wife suffering from cancer, which years earlier he had not been able to cure due to a financial loan denied by the company that insured the London Diamond Corporation.
    The usher has amassed a surprising amount of knowledge about how the company works over the years and proposes that Laura steal a hefty sum of the company’s diamonds…

  • Devil’s Knot – Until proven otherwise (Drama, Thriller) broadcast on Rai 4 at 21.20a film by Atom Egoyan, starring Reese Witherspoon, Colin Firth, Alessandro Nivola, Kevin Durand, Mireille Enos, Bruce Greenwood, Amy Ryan, Stephen Moyer, Elias Koteas, Matt Letscher, Martin Henderson and Collette Wolfe.

    The plot of the movie: The directed film is set in 1993 in the small town of West Memphis, Arkansas, where three eight-year-old children mysteriously disappear only to be found, after a long search, dead in the woods. They were tied up with their own shoelaces, beaten up and eventually drowned. The community is shocked by these tragic finds and works together with the police to find the killers. Given the violence of the murders, it is thought to have been a satanic rite. A month later the police arrest three rebellious teenagers, Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley Jr., marginalized by society and with a small criminal record behind them. The defendants plead innocent, all except one, Misskelley, who confessed to the crime after 12 hours of interrogation. Although there is no evidence to frame them and the only two witnesses are not reliable, the three are sentenced to life imprisonment, except for Echols, who receives the death penalty.
    Ron Lax, a local private investigator, suspects that the police have covered up some vital evidence…

  • Child 44 – Child number 44 (Thriller, Drama) broadcast on Sky at 21.25a film by Daniel Espinosa, starring Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Noomi Rapace, Joel Kinnaman, Vincent Cassel, Jason Clarke, Paddy Considine and Dev Patel.

    The plot of the movie: The Stalinist regime and the propaganda of peace and prosperity affect the society of the Soviet Union. In reality, the strong imbalances created by the regime negatively affect a large portion of the population, reducing citizens to a state of extreme poverty.
    Victims of this twisted system are the parents of little Leo, who in the 1920s was entrusted to an orphanage and forced to live in pitiful conditions.
    A soldier notices the child and decides to take him with him, giving him a new lease on life.
    Twenty-five years later, Leo is a skilled fighter serving his homeland during World War II. The charisma and skills demonstrated on the battlefield led him to be acclaimed as a hero allowing him to be included among the ranks of the secret services. Though mindful of his past and aware of the injustices of the regime, Leo becomes an executioner and actively participates in the purges of the 1950s. The phenomenon is ravaging Russia and indiscriminately affects anyone who opposes Stalin’s policies…

  • Cast away (Adventure, Drama) broadcast on TwentySeven at 21.10a film by Robert Zemeckis, starring Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Aaron Rapke, Michael Forest, Nan Martin, Dennis Letts, John Duerler, Joe Conley, Yelena Papovic, Semion Sudarikov, Dmitri S. Boudrine, Jennifer Choe, Tommy Cresswell, Anne Bellamy, Skye McKenzie and Francois Duhamel.

    The plot of the movie: Chuck Noland is a brilliant engineer from Memphis who works as an operations executive at the famous freight forwarding company FedEx. The man is very satisfied not only with his working life but also with his sentimental one. He is very much in love with the charming Kelly and has decided to marry her.
    A work urgency forces him to leave for Malaysia right in the middle of the Christmas holidays. During the journey, the plane on which Chuck is flying crashes into the Pacific, but the man miraculously manages to save himself and land on a desert island. Here he survives by eating crabs, drinking coconut water and learning to make fire with makeshift means.
    When the sea currents begin to bring the debris of the crashed plane to shore, among these Chuck finds a balloon destined to become his adventure companion and a package with two golden wings depicted on the box that Chuck decides not to discard and keep as his own. lucky charm…

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