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we know it well, Hollywood is ruled by actresses who have built their careers thanks to their timeless beauty. Winona Ryder it is one of these, but what makes it different is its own veiled sadness that has always kept hidden with his way of doing so innocent and sincere. Behind those clear and deep eyes is hidden a fragile and insecure woman who has transformed her weaknesses into strengthsmanaging to excel both as an actress and as a person.

Winona Ryder portrait

Who is Winona Ryder?

Winona Laura Horowitz born on October 29, 1971 in Minnesota in the town from which it takes its name. His parents are Michael And Cindy Horowitz two hippie who live in the world. In fact, for most of her childhood, little Winona, together with her family, travels interstate aboard a psychedelic bus named Veronica, passing from community to community e growing up like a real flower child, between drugs, free love, music and especially movies.

Winona Ryder portrait

The luck of having two film-loving parents allows her to see actresses like Bette Davis, Ginger Rogers And Ingrid Bergman than just eight years old they inspire her and convince her to want to become an actress. Later the parents move to San Francisco where Winona starts school and with it his first nightmares; because, as usual, peers do not understand it and mock her for her way of dressing too much “tomboy”so much so that one day two companions brutally beat her in the toilets because they mistake her for a homosexual boy.

Winona Ryder portrait

Needless to say that was it the last time he set foot in school and in fact finished his studies privately, but his life would soon change.

The cinema: the beginning of the career

In the 1983 Mr and Mrs Horowitz enroll Winona in theAmerican Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. In that place immediately begins to study acting and carry out his first tryoutsone day she is noticed by the famous agent Deborah Lucchesiwhich helps her land her first film gig. And that’s how it is Lucas (1986) scores his official debut at the cinema acting together with the actor Charlie Sheen.

Soon after that adventure, he decides to change his surname to Ryderin homage to the rocker Mitch RyderIt is in the 1988 is directed by the then newcomer Tim Burton in his second film as a director; Beetlejuice – Piggy Spritein which he plays the sinister role of Lydia Deetza gothic girl obsessed with death.

Winona Ryder portrait
Beetlejuice 1988

Since that time The role of the dark and unconventional teenager it becomes her trademark for a while, which is why she is chosen first in the film Shards of Madness of the 1989next to Christian Slaterand the following year it paired with Christina Ricci And Cher in comedy drama Sirens of the director Richard Benjamin in which he demonstrates, despite his young age, of knowing how to keep up with even older and more experienced actresses like Cher.

The 90s: Fame and Love

The 1990 for Winona Ryder it is the year of great achievements not only in the cinematographic field, but also in the relational field. Exactly in that year the now friend Tim Burton he makes her participate in the film that will get her career off the ground; Edward scissor hands.

The film receives a huge success critically and at the box officecashing in the beauty of 86 million dollars, But that is not all. Thanks to it Winona is lucky enough to work with the then young and promising Johnny Deppbetween the two on the set was born a magnetic and passionate cohesion that hovers for the entire duration of filming e in the end the bewitching Johnny steals Winona’s heart for good and the two effectively become a couple, their bond is so powerful that Johnny Depp gets ‘Winona Forever’ tattoo on right bicep.

Winona Ryder portrait

Ryder is later noticed by the director Francis Ford Coppola who chooses her for the third chapter of The Godfather to play the daughter of Al Pacinobut a bad flu takes her away from filming and then Coppola will call her back later to play along with Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker’s Draculaalso in this case gives an excellent interpretation of the wife of Count Dracula.

Winona Ryder portrait
Bram Stoker’s Dracula

The first great satisfaction comes in 1993 when Martin Scorsese brings her into the cast of his nineteenth-century fresco, The Age of Innocence in which it covers the role of Daniel Day-Lewis’ girlfriend which, however competes with the seductive Michelle Pfeiffer. Her part in the film shines bright enough to land her one Oscar nominations and especially, her first Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

The 1993 Unfortunately it doesn’t just bring joy to the actress. As we well know the great love stories in most cases do not last forever, in fact in that year Winona and Johnny Depp, due to the incessant intrusiveness of journalists and work stress, break their engagement with great regret on the part of both, especially for Winona who will live one of the darkest moments so as to define it as the first real moment from girl interrupted in the real life referring to the film he will do with Angelina Jolie in ’99.

Winona Ryder portrait
Girls Interrupted

The following year is Jo March in the new remake of Little Womenfor which will be nominated for an Oscar again this time for best actress. In the same year we find her in a completely different role from the previous one in Cute and Unemployed Young People Of Ben Stiller with Ethan Hawke in which it is a college graduate suffering from postgraduate depression.

In the 1996 we find her again alongside Daniel Day-Lewis in The Seduction of Evil and together with Al Pacino in Richard III a man a king. Then follows the horror Alien: cloning directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet In the 1997is Nola in Celebrities Of Woody Allen with Leonardo Dicaprio in ’98 and ends the ’90s with the aforementioned Interrupted girls.

From the 2000s to today

The new millennium opens with a dramatic film and intense at the same time; Autumn in New York with alongside the always romantic Richard Geretogether they create a delicate and moving harmony which gives life to one of the most poignant films of that period.

Winona Ryder portrait
Autumn in New York

In the 2001Instead, his career suffers a setback due to an unfortunate episode. The actress indeed comes stopped for shoplifting in Beverly Hills department stores And, found guilty after the trial. Accused of burglary, vandalism And possession of psychiatric drugs without statute of limitations, Ryder is sentenced to three years probationto pay $10,000 fine and to carry out 480 hours of community service. He also goes to the clinic to detox from alcohol and medicines.

Winona Ryder portrait

From that story came out the hidden depressive tendencies of Winona due to short relationships, accumulated stress and bullying experienced as a child; all these things led her to close in on itself and to take refuge in psychotropic drugs without having the opportunity to open up to someone. She has proven that even the most affluent stars can sometimes go through tough times.

Winona Ryder portrait

After this parenthesis participates for a long time in minor films as Mr Deeds (2002) with Adam Sandleralso receiving a nomination for the Razzie Awards, The Darwin Awards (2006), The Ten (2007) and All sex numbers (2007).

To bring it back on track comes Darren Aronofskymaster of bringing stars back to the limelight, and has her participate in his overtime Black Swan (2010) starring Natalie Portman. The part of Beth Macintyreonce famous but then forgotten dancer, it proves stimulating for her and allows her to find stability in her life.

In the 2011 he will also have the opportunity to try his hand at comedy The Dilemma Of Ron Howard. She then returns to be directed by friend Tim Burton in Frankenweenie In the 2013 giving voice to the character of Elsa Van Helsing.

Winona Ryder portrait

From the 2016 currently holds the position of Will Byers’ mom in the acclaimed series Stranger Things That finally got her back on track and also allowed her to win it Screen Actors Guild Award. The last movie we will see her in is The House of Ghosts Of Justin Simien outgoing the July 28, 2023.


  • After participating in Little WomenRyder pushed for the film to be dedicated to Polly Klaas, little girl kidnapped and then killed by a maniac to which she felt connected. With the proceeds from the film, the Polly Klaas Foundation, an organization to search for missing children and assist families.
  • During the shoplifting trial, Winona Ryder she showed up wearing a dress by designer Marc Jacobs. The latter, noticing how well he wore the suit, he later chose her as a model for his new campaign and to this day they have remained on excellent terms.

Winona Ryder portrait

  • Winona suffers from hydrophobiaor a phobia characterized by a uncontrollable fear of waterwhen she was 12 she almost drowned.
  • On the movie set Bram Stoker’s DraculaRyder revealed that for the wedding scene between her and Keanu Reeves had been hired a real priest and in front of him the two pronounced the fateful Yes. Since that day they have been joking about being married to each other.
  • From the 2011 she is engaged to the stylist Scott Mackinlay Hahn and between the two there seems to be a lot of affinity.

Winona Ryder portrait

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