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Finally at the start and finally coming to an end one of the most culturally demanding years, speaking of Milan.
In fact, the difficulties started as early as last fall, with some cassanders, including, alas, the undersigned prophecy, given the terrible summer market, the apparent easing and rewinding of the tactical tape for 2021, darker times. However, the collapse of January was unpredictable, followed by an incredible run to the Champions League final to the sound of counter-attacks and tenacity, the exact opposite of what was seeded in the season, interrupted by a disastrous double derby that will go down in the annals as one of the most humiliating confrontations in our history. . All less than 12 months after the legendary triumph precisely at the expense of cousins ​​and with the same main characters. All less than 12 months from the creation of a new property, never presented or presented, or in possession until the end of May of this year.
In the margins of this chaos, even worse erupted. At first, Maldini was torpedoed along with Ricky Massara without much explanation, leaving room for any conclusions, scenarios and hypotheses; then the sale of Tonali against an irreplaceable offer especially for him, and a big hello to “Captain Futuro”. Then again the emergence of unrecognized leaders who lived in the shadows, away from the spotlight, which we discover are (also due to the apparent closeness of the modus operandi to the recent past) the maneuvers of our beloved Milan, not today. Therefore, a numerically important market, at times exciting, but which, upon careful analysis, seems the most unrealistic, demanding, unbalanced. And Pioli is always there, hopefully less confused than last season.

Maximum discord in the summer when every event creates new factions: Milan’s tribalism has been revived after the great Scudetto celebration. Everyone has their own beliefs, and obviously they stick to them and push forward as they see fit. In the ten years (I think) of Milan Night, after Gianniniadi formulated many, sometimes even complex, critical writings, introducing statistical analysis and research on players and teams and often attacking the cultural “goths” prepared by minstrels, but not only me certainly not going to change anyone’s ideas. Nevertheless, I have claimed and will claim the right to free opinion, not to addiction to idiotic partiality or self-imposed “groundhog day”, to evolution, not to static: Giannino with all his codes is finished. I respect those who disagree, but I don’t respect those who try to slip my thoughts or similar, which are not very welcome, into some presumed position for or against it for their own convenience.
I took Maldini’s dismissal as a signal to take the field for Redbird, who bought Milan, and therefore I find it good that he is in charge; I don’t like prejudice in general, so I don’t have any prejudice against men and methods that I don’t know, and they certainly don’t work on me either the Brad Pitt movie or the four bullshit that our local autarkists bleat (which between by the way, very much on my penis, especially in football terms). I accepted the transfer of Tonali, who received an irresistible offer, and, fortunately, this also gave Milan the opportunity to sit down and negotiate decent terms, even if the timing was too smart to be a surprise. I agree that the ambitious but pretentious Furlani is and will be the man behind the politics that will define us in the coming years; this does not mean that I like him, but before blaming him (like Cardinale), I would like to understand Howgiven that all supporters ‘poor fellow‘, ‘they can’t buy anyone‘, ‘they will sell everything‘ etc. they were destroyed in 1 meager month.
I agree a little less that a market with 8 tricks including 0 defenders, 0 playmakers, 0 forwards is defined as a “masterpiece” (quoted by Oscar Damiani) until an adequate response from the field, also considering our historical precedents with markets ‘fat’, as well as a kind of bimbomincoid drift of the pre- and post-race climate and the feeling that the tiger has no eyes at all.We seem even more fresconi than last year, and after losing 5 derbies in 5 months, this worries me.

The typical user after reading any sports article is summer 23.

However, this summer even the phrase: “We are waiting for some official tenders” has become a political gesture… I hope that in 5 days both labels and mostly absurd divisions will disappear, and we will return to the usual hypertonic, electric and heavy climate. .. but peaceful.


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