First human case of swine flu detected in UK

The UK Health and Safety Authority (UKHSA) has reported the first human case of swine flu virus. This is part of the regular national influenza surveillance strategy carried out by UKHSA and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

Influenza A (H1N2) virus was discovered by performing a test Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR), performed by the attending physician of an infected person with respiratory symptoms.Additionally, the virus is characterized by Genome sequencing. “Thanks to routine influenza surveillance and genome sequencing, we have been able to detect this virus. This is the first time we have detected this virus in humans in the UK, although it is similar to the virus detected in pigs,” said UKHSA incident manager Meera Chand. very similar. “

Source of infection and course of action

British health authorities said the patient He suffered a mild illness and has since made a full recovery.. The source of infection has not yet been determined and is still under investigation. “In line with established protocols, investigations are ongoing to find out how the person became infected and to assess whether there are more related cases,” Chand said.

UKHSA and partner organizations are monitoring the case closely. They will all be tested as needed and informed of any additional care needed if they develop symptoms or test positive.If any respiratory symptoms occur, a series of measures must be followed Guidelines. These include avoiding contact with others while symptoms persist, especially if the person exposed is older or has a health condition.

UKHSA incident directors noted they were working quickly Tracing close contacts and reducing any possible spread. In addition, it is taking steps to increase surveillance within existing projects involving some district health centers and hospitals in North Yorkshire.

Influenza A H1N2 virus

Influenza A (H1) viruses are circulating in swine herds in most parts of the world. When an influenza virus that normally circulates among pigs is detected in humans, it is called an “influenza virus variant.”

H1N1, H1N2, and H3N2 are the predominant subtypes of swine influenza A viruses in pigs that occasionally infect humans, usually after direct or indirect contact with pigs or contaminated environments. “We know that some animal diseases can be transmitted to humans. It is therefore important to ensure high standards of animal health, welfare and biosecurity,” said Christine Middlemiss, UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer.

Influenza A (H1N2) is similar to influenza viruses currently circulating in UK pig herds. Since 2005, a total of 50 cases of human infection with influenza A (H1N2) have been reported globally.none of which are genetically related to this strain.

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