Tom Brady denounced by Steelers legend amid cheating scandal amid Michigan sign-stealing controversy

Tom Brady is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in NFL history. But being the greatest also comes with huge risks, like the risk of being accused. One such accusation was made against Brady recently by a Pittsburgh Steelers legend. This is what he said:

Pittsburgh Steelers star back thinks Brady is a liar

For those who follow the NFL, Michigan’s sign theft case is not uncommon news. Interestingly, however, Tom Brady was indirectly involved in the scandal, with his name also being dragged into the breach for sign stealing.

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Current Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh faced accusations of stealing opposing teams’ signals during his time as an NFL coach. Tom Brady played his college football at the University of Michigan.

In fact, while the allegations against Jim Harbaugh were being investigated, Tom Brady announced that he would be donating a portion of the proceeds from the wristband to his alma mater. The Pittsburgh Steelers star linebacker thinks Brady does more than just that.

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“From stealing signs at Michigan to stealing signs in New England @tombrady you honestly get it,” James Harrison commented on a Tom Brady post. Now, that might just be a jealous statement, as Brad’s Patriots always had the upper hand over Harrison’s Steelers.

In the 2004 AFC Champions League, the New England Patriots defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 41-27. Although the Steelers faced the Patriots and Tom Brady three times in the playoffs, Pittsburgh was ultimately defeated by Brady in each meeting, which intensified their playoff contention.

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So it’s possible James Harrison’s comments were just out of jealousy. what do you think? Do you think Harrison was joking when he made this comment, or did he have some serious intention behind his accusation?

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