Five months later, they discovered the bird flu outbreak again | This is the second in the province this year

A family business in Metanio Piedras slaughtered 100 birds after confirming the presence of the H5 influenza virus, commonly known as bird flu.

Population Reduction Actions in Last weekend, after lab tests confirmed it was the disease.

regional coordinator Animal Health at SENASA, Salta and Jujuy Province, Raúl Díaz Pardo, Salta/12 confirmed that this is the second case of bird flu detected in the province. The first time was in the first week of February, from backyard birds in the town of Cerrillos.

Pardo confirmed that the novel phenomenon was reported by a small-scale poultry producer who had intermittently detected poultry deaths about ten or twelve days earlier. “For backyard birds, they have more freedom of movement, so the infection is spaced out and clustered,” the official explained.

It is because of this specificity that the notification was deferred until received by SENASA. After receiving the notification on Thursday, the existence of the virus was confirmed on Friday, and he started work directly, disinfecting the place and monitoring it within a radius of about ten kilometers.

Pardo highlighted the Municipality of Rio Piedras Neighbors tend to allow state agency technicians in to gain control over different coops in the area.

Among precautionary measures, he said that in addition to sending out warning signs, commercial farms should take maximum biosecurity measures to mitigate or avoid the risk of virus entry.

For those responsible for backyard birds, Pardo said, like the now-out-of-production Metanense, they must act with “a high level of awareness and responsibility” and notify SENASA of any suspicions.

He added that with the notifications, those who lost the birds could get compensation.andINTA is committed to helping you restore bird populations in your business.

although, The next 28 days, including the two incubation periods of the virus, will be monitored in areas with clinical and laboratory controls.

Finally, recalls Pardo, the fact that the virus has been found in birds doesn’t mean it’s also found in consumer products like meat and eggs.

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