Georgina Rodriguez, the necklace worn in Cannes does not go unnoticed: it is worth it

Georgina Rodriguez was one of the main characters on the red carpet Cannes Film Festival, where she showed off her stunning curves in haute couture dresses. Which, however, did not escape fan wives Cristiano Ronaldo, it was definitely the necklace the influencer showed off during the gala. Its value is truly staggering.

Julia De Lellis targeted by haters at Cannes: ‘She wants to imitate Georgina Rodriguez’

Crisis of Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez? Official rebuttal, but something doesn’t add up: “The mother-in-law can’t stand it”

Georgina Rodriguez had the privilege of walking down one of the most famous red carpets in the entire entertainment world. TO Cannesl’influencers she really spared no expense and always presented herself with impeccable views in front of numerous photographers. Walk the amfAR blue carpet Cannes Gala, georgina chose to match sexual black dress (embroidered with beads), and necklace 123-carat diamond-encrusted drop-shaped charm bracelet. The jewel, worth more than one million euros, is a loan provided by the Chopard jewelery house, which, on the occasion of this event, decided to give the model a precious necklace.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez, the air of crisis. Reasons: “He’s tired, she spends money all day”

Georgina Rodriguez and the crisis with Cristiano Ronaldo

In recent months, rumors of a crisis between Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo have become more insistent. A crisis that, however, the influencer tried to deny with more “mysterious” stories and messages.

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