Five natural remedies for gastroenteritis relief

this acute gastroenteritis It is one of the most typical food diseases in my country summer.High temperatures, eating out a lot, or consuming certain foods can all lead to scary symptoms Vomit and diarrhea.

the discomfort caused acute gastroenteritis It can be relieved by taking some natural remedies.

Moisturize heavily

During the most severe period of the disease, it is important to Replenish fluids and salts you’ve lost Drink plenty of fluids (lemon water, infusions, pulp-free juices), but in small amounts and every 30-60 minutes. Keep in mind that drinking too much at once may cause you to vomit again.

Recommended diet

During the stage when symptoms such as diarrhea are still present, you must follow diet specific. For example, a recommended menu for these periods could be infusion, rice, grilled chicken or cod, and cooked ham.

Allies in the Recovery Process

Some fruit During the recovery phase of the disease, papaya, apple (peeled and grated) and loquat are highly recommended, as they are rich in tannins and pectin, which have astringent properties.

Handle and store food properly

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Any food eaten raw or improperly prepared can be contaminated with norovirus. So wash and rinse leafy greens (such as lettuce or spinach), fresh fruit, and live shellfish well.

wash hands often

To avoid infecting others, Wash your hands after using the bathroom or changing diapers. Do this carefully with warm soapy water.

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