Five tips to slim down your belly

this abdominal swelling This is a very common problem and in most cases it happens due to the following reasons eating too much, although sometimes it is also a symptom of disease. Dr. Bueno explains on YouTube channel Clear medicine That him constipatethis food intolerancethis gallstones waves gastritis They can be the cause of this uncomfortable pain, irritable bowel syndrome, aerophagia, and even stress.

If you encounter this problem frequently, it is best to go to the doctor To this end, it is necessary to carry out correct diagnosisalthough diet is the “culprit” in most cases, so we’ll see Five tips to avoid bloating.

1. Take a walk after dinner

It is shown that HelloGive About 5 minutes walk It helps activate our intestines after eating, thus preventing annoying bloating. Additionally, as Javier González, trainer and director of the Jg fitness coaching space in Madrid, points out in the aforementioned magazine, walking can help us “get rid of the excess gas that accumulates during the day.” will have a positive impact on our transportationfurther reducing the risk of distress.

2. Don’t “chop” ultra-processed foods

If we want to have a “snack” between meals, it’s better to eat something like this nutthis fruit anyone Raw vegetables, such as carrots or cucumbers.this snack Foods containing trans fats and refined sugars, such as industrial pastries, are best left alone as they neither meet our needs nor provide us with significant amounts of nutrients.

3. Control stress

Stress can be the cause of some intestinal problems, including bloating, so controlling stress levels may be key to avoiding this problem. Have good sleep qualityDo exercise or practice Yoga anyone meditation They will help us.

4. Increase the consumption of ginger, turmeric, and cucumber

These three foods are the best at helping us fight abdominal bloating.As we saw before, we can think of cucumbers as snack Eat snacks between meals while Ginger and Turmeric Infusion Taking advantage of all its advantages is a very interesting option, among which Anti-oxidize effect There will be.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast

As the magazine points out TelvaIf we want to avoid bloating, “skipping” the first meal of the day can be counterproductive. The right thing to do is to take it, but with healthy food. eggs or avocadowhich will provide us with high-quality protein, A slice of whole wheat bread and a piece fruit They will be the recommended choice. As far as dairy products are concerned, it is recommended to avoid them, so coffee is best consumed alone.

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