Florence Pugh saves Emily Blunt from a crash at a movie premiere in the UK! Videos viral

On the red carpet, Emily Blunt’s blazer played a cruel joke on her!

It is true that friends are seen in difficult times! At the UK premiere Oppenheimerthey posed side by side on the red carpet Florence Pugh and Emily Blunt. Among the protagonists of the Christopher Nolan film, with Cillian Murphy, Matt Damon, Rami Malek and Robert Downey Jr., these two showed off impeccable outfits. While the former wore a Moschini blue denim mini dress, the latter wore a metallic bronze pantsuit. But it was the proof of friendship that attracted attention. At some point, the performers posed together for photographers.

Emily Blunt rescued by Emily Blunt

Florence Pugh saves Emily Blunt from a hot crash at Oppenheimer's UK premiere - Cinematographe.it

At this point, Blunt almost turned herself, against all odds, into the protagonist. hot crashWhen a button on a blazer suddenly popped out, exposing the bra underneath. Without a moment’s hesitation, Pugh came to the rescue. Through his body he covered Emily with two stars Oppenheimer that flared up in one loud laughterbefore doing hug while the blazer was being repaired.

Released July 21 in theaters (same day as Barbie), Oppenheimer receives general recognition from the public and critics. The film, dedicated to the inventor of the atomic bomb, is one of the most interesting titles thanks to the convincing performances of the actors.

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In addition to the talent of each of the actors, the excellent harmony created on the set also played a role. The way Florence Pugh helped Emily Blunt confirms this. great connection built in isolation from work commitments. Now Florence will take a break to focus on motherhood: The eldest, from John Krasinski, is 9 years old and wants to share as many memories together as possible.

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