Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorce. This is what happens when Barbie and Ken meet in the real world

The history of the documentary “Kim Kardashian vs. Kanye West: Divorce”, which aired on Discovery +, did not take us by surprise, but, unfortunately, was not even very interested: we are not told anything that we did not know or did not expect, but It turns out that the couple’s brand (first united and now separated) is in crisis, and it shows. And you understand what happens when Barbie and Ken meet and get together in the real world…

WithWhat happens if we take two people with apparently massive toxicity, put them together, shake them, and serve them? Well, the end result is something like this. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. They are a living and walking example of how you can create destruction around you. Documentary about the end of this love (which may have caused more anxiety than envy) matches the Kardashian show: sadness x-ray. Everything is well packaged, full of details but lacking magic. Nothing is revealed that we don’t already know: Kanye adds zest to his image, takes it to a new level. The hip-hop genius even turns his wife into a perfect product. The wife takes his fame and enhances it. They become like “Barbie and Ken”: literally an inseparable duet. After six years as an American couple, they decide to marry in an “intimate” wedding in Florence. Emotions and feelings are served on a silver platter for the benefit of the audience.

PPersonally, I never liked such sugary storytelling and never found it exciting to watch general problems on TV, that is, boring family crises: I am not a supporter of half-joyful general pain. However, I understand that this dynamic may be of interest to others. The documentary series chronicles how she tried to save her marriage despite the difficulties. Meanwhile, he’s been dealing with mood swings caused by his diagnosed bipolar disorder (although, can we accept that having a mental illness doesn’t justify being an asshole beyond the hardships?).

His need for artistic validation, her desire for fame (which took lessons from socialite global Paris Hilton) and an overly powerful family led to a sad but predictable epilogue: a divorce that lasted two years and was sold to the highest bidder. Nothing new, except that not a single main character comes out of this story with a heroic image. Unlike the Turin banker Segre, who divided Italian public opinion by publicly disgracing his traitorous partner, in the case of Kim and Kanye, there is no desire to take sides.. You look at them and think: “Even the rich cry and complain.”

TO By the way, how will they share the rights to this documentary series, I wonder? Will axes be buried in the face of millionaire contracts or for the desire to share their truth with the world, trying to avoid what they both hate to lose?

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