Flu immunization rates among nursing home residents aged 80+ exceed COVID-19 vaccination rates

Flu immunization rates among nursing home residents aged 80+ exceed COVID-19 vaccination rates

Since the beginning of this vaccination campaign against COVID-19 and influenza, 161,000 people over 80 years old and patients in home isolation in Galicia have been vaccinated, of which a total of 192,000 Galicians have been vaccinated One of two doses of vaccine. According to Sergas data, 1,000 more octogenarians received the flu vaccine than the coronavirus vaccine during the campaign, which began in late September. Health sources consulted attributed the situation to a “recent coronavirus infection”. Of the total population of Galicia, 92,896 people have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and 99,825 against influenza, which corresponds to 192,721 people vaccinated before the last week of October.

Double vaccination against COVID-19 and influenza has become a seasonal campaign, and the immunizing doses will be administered at the same time. The target groups are: people over 60 years old; people in nursing homes, nursing homes and disability centers; pregnant and postpartum women; cohabitants who are high-risk groups those working in public and private health and social care centres; those providing home care for patients with high-risk illnesses; and those working in essential public services.

Sergas will soon open up dual vaccination to all people aged 65 to 79 and allow them to participate in clinical trials, which will essentially be nothing more than giving them the same booster vaccine that people over 80 have received, with the aim of determining whether it produces the same immune response, this is the “GalFlu” project, which will be developed in parallel with immunization in large venues and will launch on October 26.

The aim is to encourage around 50,000 of the 450,000 Galicians aged between 65 and 79 to take part in these fully voluntary trials that will be called up in the coming weeks.

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